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pronunciation: kyuuai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: courtship, courting, wooing
求愛する: kyuuaisuru: court (v.), woo, make love to
求愛行動: kyuuaikoudou: courtship <<< 行動
check also: 求婚


pronunciation: kyuubou
kanji characters: ,
translation: want, poverty, destitution, privation
窮乏する: kyuubousuru: be in needy [straitened]circumstances, be hard up
窮乏化: kyuubouka: impoverishment <<<
窮乏化する: kyuuboukasuru: become impoverished
窮乏に耐える: kyuubounitaeru: bear the poverty <<<
窮乏生活する: kyuubouseikatsusuru: live a life of hardship <<< 生活
check also:


pronunciation: kyuuchi
kanji characters: ,
translation: difficult situation, dilemma
窮地に陥る: kyuuchiniochiiru: be driven to the corner [the wall], be in a fix [hole] <<<
窮地に陥れる: kyuuchiniotoshiireru: drive (a person) into a tight corner
synonyms: ジレンマ


pronunciation: kyuuden
kanji characters: , 殿
keyword: history
translation: palace
ウェストミンスター宮殿: wesutominsutaakyuuden: Westminster Palace <<< ウェストミンスター
ルーブル宮殿: ruuburukyuuden: Louvre Palace <<< ルーブル
バッキンガム宮殿: bakkingamukyuuden: Buckingham Palace (London) <<< バッキンガム
ベルサイユ宮殿: berusaiyukyuuden: Palace of Versailles <<< ベルサイユ
エリーゼ宮殿: エリーゼきゅうでん <<< エリーゼ
バチカン宮殿: bachikankyuuden: Apostolic [Vatican] Palace <<< バチカン
check also: 宮廷


pronunciation: kyuudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: Japanese archery
弓道家: kyuudouka: archer <<<
check also: アーチェリー


pronunciation: kyuuen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , disaster
translation: rescue (n.), relief, aid, help
救援する: kyuuensuru: rescue (v.), relieve, aid, help
救援隊: kyuuentai: rescue party <<<
救援軍: kyuuengun: reinforcement <<<
救援投手: kyuuentoushu: relief pitcher <<< 投手
救援物資: kyuuenbusshi: rescue goods <<< 物資
救援活動: kyuuenkatsudou: rescue operation <<< 活動
救援作業: kyuuensagyou <<< 作業
check also: 救助 , リリーフ


pronunciation: kyuugi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: ball game


pronunciation: kyuugyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop
translation: shop closure, business suspension
休業する: kyuugyousuru: temporarily close shop, suspend business, take a holiday
休業の: kyuugyouno: (shop) closed
休業中: kyuugyouchuu <<<
休業日: kyuugyoubi: shop holiday <<<
臨時休業: rinjikyuugyou: extra holiday <<< 臨時
開店休業: kaitenkyuugyou: non business is done <<< 開店
check also: 閉店


pronunciation: kyuuin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: absorption, attraction
吸引する: kyuuinsuru: absorb, suck (in), attract
吸引力: kyuuinryoku: absorptivility, attractiveness <<<
check also: 吸収


pronunciation: kyuuji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: gastronomy
translation: service, waiter, steward (n.), page, boy, waitress (f.)
給仕する: kyuujisuru: wait on, steward (v.)
給仕する人: kyuujisuruhito: waiter, steward (n.), page, boy, waitress (f.) <<<
給仕頭: kyuujigashira: butler <<<
給仕長: kyuujichou <<<
synonyms: ウエイター , ボーイ , サービス

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