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pronunciation: kachi
kanji characters: ,
translation: value, worth, merit (n.)
価値が有る: kachigaaru: have a value, merit (v.), deserve, be worth <<<
価値の有る: kachinoaru: valuable, worthy
価値の無い: kachinonai: valueless, worthless, of no value <<<
無価値: mukachi
価値を知る: kachioshiru: know the value of, appreciate <<<
価値を認める: kachiomitomeru <<<
価値観: kachikan: sense of values <<<
価値論: kachiron: axiology <<<
価値判断: kachihandan: value judgment, evaluation <<< 判断
価値体系: kachitaikei: value system, system of values <<< 体系
入手価値: nyuushukachi: worth acquiring <<< 入手
貨幣価値: kaheikachi: value of money [currency] <<< 貨幣
資産価値: shisankachi: wealth effect, net asset value <<< 資産
相対価値: soutaikachi: relative value <<< 相対
利用価値: riyoukachi: utility value <<< 利用
交換価値: koukankachi: exchange value <<< 交換
市場価値: shijoukachi: market value [prices] <<< 市場
使用価値: shiyoukachi: utility value <<< 使用
synonyms: メリット


pronunciation: kachigumi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: winning team


pronunciation: kachiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: domestic animals, livestock
家畜を飼う: kachikuokau: raise livestock <<<
家畜の群れ: kachikunomure: livestock herd <<<
家畜車: kachikusha: cattle truck <<<
家畜市場: kachikushijou: cattle market <<< 市場
家畜小屋: kachikugoya: cowshed <<< 小屋
家畜病院: kachikubyouin: veterinary hospital <<< 病院


pronunciation: kachou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: section chief
課長補佐: kachouhosa: assistant section chief <<< 補佐
課長心得: kachoukokoroe: acting section chief
check also: 部長


pronunciation: kadai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: subject, theme, exercise, homework, task
課題を課する: kadaiokasuru: impose a task on (a person) <<<
check also: 科目 , テーマ


pronunciation: kadai
kanji characters: ,
translation: excess, exaggeration
過大な: kadaina: excessive, exaggerated, too much
過大な要求: kadainayoukyuu: excessive demand <<< 要求
過大に: kadaini: excessively
過大に言う: kadainiiu: exaggerate, make a mountain out of a molehill <<<
過大評価: kadaihyoukasuru: overestimation, overvaluation <<< 評価
過大評価する: kadaihyoukasuru: overestimate, overvalue
過大に見積もる: kadainimitsumoru <<< 見積
check also: 過度


pronunciation: kadan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: garden
translation: flower bed [garden]


pronunciation: kaden
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: (domestic) electric appliance


pronunciation: kado
kanji characters: ,
translation: excess, immoderation, exaggeration
過度の: kadono: excessive, immoderate, intemperate
過度に: kadoni: to [in] excess, too much [hard]
過度の勉強: kadonobenkyou: overwork, overstudy <<< 勉強
過度の飲酒: kadonoinshu: over-drink <<< 飲酒
露出過度: roshutsukado: overexposure <<< 露出
現像過度: genzoukado: overdevelopment <<< 現像
check also: 過大


pronunciation: kadode
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: departure, start
門出の杯: kadodenosakazuki: stirrup cup, farewell drink, parting drink <<<
門出を祝う: kadodeoiwau: wish [bid] (a person) Godspeed <<<
synonyms: 出発

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