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pronunciation: kakon
kanji characters: ,
translation: root of evil, source of calamity
禍根を断つ: kakonnotatsu: eradicate the root of evil, root out the source of calamity <<<
禍根を残す: kakonnonokosu: sow the seeds of trouble <<<


pronunciation: kakou , kawaguchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , nature
translation: estuary, mouth of a river
河口港: kakoukou: estuary harbor <<<
河口湖: kawaguchiko: Lake Kawaguchi <<<
check also: 川口


pronunciation: kakou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: process (n.), transformation, manufacturing
加工する: kakousuru: process (v.), transform, manufacture (v.), work upon
加工品: kakouhin: manufactured [processed] goods <<<
加工費: kakouhi: cost of manufacturing <<<
加工業: kakougyou: processing industry <<<
加工業者: kakougyousha: processor <<< 業者
加工食品: kakoushokuhin: processed foods <<< 食品
未加工の: mikakouno: unprocessed, raw, crude <<<
食品加工: shokuhinkakou: food processing <<< 食品
樹脂加工: jushikakou: plastification <<< 樹脂
プラスチック加工する: purasuchikkukakousuru: coat sth. with plastic <<< プラスチック
テフロン加工: tehuronkakou <<< テフロン
テフロン加工の: tehuronkakouno: teflon-coated <<< テフロン


pronunciation: kakou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: fall (n.), drop, decline
下降する: kakousuru: go down, descend, fall (v.)
下降線: kakousen: downward curve <<<
下降曲線: kakoukyokusen <<< 曲線
下降運動: kakouundou: downward movement <<< 運動
下降気流: kakoukiryuu: downward (atmospheric, air) current <<< 気流
垂直下降: suichokukakou: vertical descent <<< 垂直
check also: 上昇


pronunciation: kakou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , geography
translation: (volcanic) crater
火口原: kakougen: crater-basin <<<
火口湖: kakouko: crater lake <<<
火口壁: kakouheki: crater wall <<<
火口丘: kakoukyuu: volcanic hill <<<
check also: クレーター , 火山


pronunciation: kakougan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geology
translation: granite


pronunciation: kakuZuke
kanji characters: ,
keyword: market
translation: grading, noting
格付けする: kakuZukesuru: grade, rating
格付け会社: kakuZukegaisha: rating agency <<< 会社
格付け機関: kakuZukekikan <<< 機関


pronunciation: kakubetsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: extra, particularity
格別な: kakubetsuna: particular, special, outstanding, extraordinary
格別の: kakubetsuno
格別に: kakubetsuni: particularly, especially


pronunciation: kakuchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: every place, various places
各地で: kakuchide: everywhere


pronunciation: kakuchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: computer , construction
translation: extension, expansion, enlargement
拡張する: kakuchousuru: extend, expand, enlarge
拡張子: kakuchoushi: file extension <<<
拡張担保: kakuchoutanpo: extended coverage <<< 担保
拡張計画: kakuchiukeikaku: extension plan <<< 計画
拡張工事: kakuchoukouji: extension [expansion] work <<< 工事
拡張スロット: kakuchousurotto: expansion slot <<< スロット
拡張カード: kakuchoukaado: expansion card <<< カード
業務拡張: gyoumukakuchou: extension of business <<< 業務
check also: 拡充 , 拡大

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