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pronunciation: kakudai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: optics
translation: enlargement, spreading, stretching, expansion
拡大する: kakudaisuru: enlarge, spread, stretch, expand
拡大鏡: kakudaikyou: magnifying glass <<<
拡大率: kakudairitsu: magnifying power <<<
拡大解釈: kakudaikaishaku: broad interpretation <<< 解釈
拡大政策: kakudaiseisaku: politics [policy] of expansion <<< 政策
拡大コピー: kakudaikopii: enlarged photocopy <<< コピー
拡大レンズ: kakudairenzu: enlarging lens <<< レンズ
check also: 縮小


pronunciation: kakudan
kanji characters: ,
translation: particularity
格段の: kakudannno: marked, particular, especial, substantial
格段に: kakudannni: particularly, especially, substantially
格段の相違: kakudannnosoui: huge [essential, major] difference [disparity] <<< 相違
格段の進歩: kakudannnoshinpo: definite advance, substantial progress <<< 進歩
check also: 格別 , 非常


pronunciation: kakudo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: angle
角度を測る: kakudoohakaru: take the angle <<<
角度計: kakudokei: goniometer <<<
角度測定: kakudosokutei: goniometry <<< 測定
急角度: kyuukakudo: sharp angle <<<


pronunciation: kakugen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: proverb, maxim, wise saying
格言の: kakugennno: proverbial
格言に曰く: kakugennniiwaku: A [The] proverb says that <<<
check also:


pronunciation: kakugo
kanji characters: ,
translation: preparedness, resolution, resignation
覚悟する: kakugosuru: be prepared [ready] (for), be resolved (to do), be resigned
覚悟を決める: kakugookimeru <<<
死を覚悟する: shiokakugosuru: resign oneself to dying <<<
覚悟の上だ: kakugonoueda: I have expected as much, I am prepared for it <<<
覚悟の自殺: kakugonojisatsu: premeditated suicide <<< 自殺
決死の覚悟で: kesshinokakugode: at the risk of one's life, with desperate course <<< 決死
check also: 決心


pronunciation: kakuhan
keyword: chemistry
translation: stir-up, agitation
攪拌する: kakuhansuru: churn, stir up
攪拌器: kakuhanki: agitator, stirrer <<<
check also:


pronunciation: kakuho
kanji characters: ,
translation: securitization, assurance
確保する: kakuhosuru: insure, secure


pronunciation: kakui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: Gentlemen, Sirs, Messrs., all, every one
check also: 皆様


pronunciation: kakujitsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: certainty, reliability, authenticity
確実の: kakujitsuno: certain, sure, reliable, authentic
確実に: kakujitsuni: certainly, surely; securely
確実にする: kakujitsunisuru: ensure, secure, make sure of
確実でない: kakujitsudenai: uncertain, unsure
不確実な: hukakujitsuna <<<
不確実: hukakujitsu: uncertainty


pronunciation: kakujuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: expansion, amplification
拡充する: kakujuusuru: expand, amplify
check also: 拡張

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