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pronunciation: kanekashi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: moneylender, usurer
金貸をする: kanekashiosuru: lend out money, loan money, practice usury
金貸業: kanekashigyou: moneylending, usury <<<


pronunciation: kanemochi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: man of wealth, rich [wealthy] man [person], the rich
金持な: kanemochina: rich, wealthy
金持に成る: kanemochininaru: become [get, grow] rich <<<
金持もちに生まれる: kanemochiniumareru: be born rich <<<
金持階級: kanemochikaikyuu: moneyed class, the rich <<< 階級
大金持: ooganemochi: billionaire <<<
check also: 長者 , リッチ


pronunciation: kanetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food , chemistry
translation: heating
加熱する: kanetsusuru: heat (v.)
加熱処理: kanetsushori: heat treatment [treating], thermal treatment <<< 処理
加熱殺菌: kanetsusakkin: sterilization by heat [heating] <<< 殺菌
加熱分解: kanetsubunkai: decomposition by heat [heating] <<< 分解


pronunciation: kangai
kanji characters: ,
translation: deep emotion
感慨に耽る: kangainihukeru: be immersed in one's thoughts
感慨に浸る: kangainihitaru <<<
感慨無量: kangaimuryou: be filled with deep emotion


pronunciation: kangai
keyword: farming
translation: irrigation, watering
灌漑する: kangaisuru: irrigate, water (v.)
灌漑運河: kangaiunga: irrigation canal [channel] <<< 運河
灌漑用水: kangaiyousui: irrigation water


pronunciation: kangei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: welcome, reception
歓迎する: kangeisuru: welcome, hail
歓迎される: kangeisareru: be warmly received
歓迎を受ける: kangeioukeru <<<
歓迎会: kangeikai: welcome party, reception <<<
歓迎者: kangeisha: welcomer <<<
歓迎委員会: kangeiiinkai: reception committee
check also: 接待 , 応接


pronunciation: kangeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: theater-going, play-going
観劇する: kangekisuru: go to the theater
観劇に行く: kangekiniiku <<<
観劇会: kangekikai: theater party <<<
check also: 見物


pronunciation: kangeki
kanji characters: ,
translation: deep emotion, enthusiasm, impression
感激する: kangekisuru: be deeply moved [touched, affected, impressed] (by), be inspired (with)
感激させる: kangekisaseru: move, touch, affect, give a deep impression (to a person)
感激的: kangekiteki: emotional, emotive, impressive <<<
感激家: kangekika: emotionalist, enthusiast <<<
check also: 感動


pronunciation: kangen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: reduction, deoxidation, resolution
還元する: kangensuru: be reduced to, resolve itself into, reduce, deoxidize, give back, return, refund
還元性: kangensei: reducibility <<<
還元性の: kangenseino: reducible
還元剤: kangenzai: reducing agent <<<
還元作用: kangensayou: reducing process <<< 作用
check also: 酸化


pronunciation: kangen
kanji characters: ,
translation: other words
換言する: kangensuru: say differently
換言すれば: kangensureba: in other words, that is (to say), id est

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