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pronunciation: kango
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: nursing, attendance
看護する: kangosuru: nurse (v.), attend
看護婦: kangohu: nurse <<<
看護婦長: kangohuchou: matron <<<
看護婦学校: kangohugakkou: nursing school <<< 学校
看護師: kangoshi: (male) nurse <<<
看護士: kangoshi <<<
看護人: kangonin: attendant <<<
看護兵: kangohei: (medical) orderly <<<
看護室: kangoshitsu: sick room <<<
病人を看護する: byouninnokangosuru: care a sick person <<< 病人
完全看護: kanzenkango: full assistance <<< 完全
check also: 介護 , 看病


pronunciation: kangoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: prison, jail
check also: 刑務所


pronunciation: kaniza
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: Cancer, the Crab


pronunciation: kanja
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: patient, sufferer
患者を診察する: kanjaoshinsatsusuru: examine a patient <<< 診察
患者名簿: kanjameibo: sick list
救急患者: kyuukyuukanja: emergency patient <<< 救急
麻薬患者: mayakukanja: narcotic addict <<< 麻薬
結核患者: kekkakukanja: tuberculosis patient <<< 結核
喘息患者: zensokukanja: asthmatic patient <<< 喘息
入院患者: nyuuinkanja: inpatient <<< 入院
痛風患者: tsuuhuukanja: gouty (n.) <<< 痛風
外来患者: gairaikanja: outpatient <<< 外来
梅毒患者: baidokukanja: syphilitic person <<< 梅毒
中毒患者: chuudokukanja: poisoned patient <<< 中毒
緊急患者: kinkyuukanja: emergency patient <<< 緊急
糖尿病患者: tounyoubyoukanja: diabetic (n.) <<< 糖尿病
重症患者: juushoukanja: serious case <<< 重症
重病患者: juubyoukanja: serious case <<< 重病
コレラ患者: korerakanja: cholera patient [case] <<< コレラ
エイズ患者: eizukanja: aids patient <<< エイズ
リューマチ患者: ryuumachikanja: rheumatic (n.) <<< リューマチ
ノイローゼ患者: noiroozekanja: neurotic (n.) <<< ノイローゼ
ヘルペス患者: herupesukanja: herpetic (n.) <<< ヘルペス
ペスト患者: pesutokanja: plague-stricken (n.) <<< ペスト
check also: 病人


pronunciation: kanji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: Chinese characters, Kanji
漢字で書く: kanjidekaku: write in Chinese characters <<<
漢字制限: kanjiseigen: limitation in the use of Chinese characters <<< 制限
常用漢字: jouyoukanji: commonly used Chinese characters in Japan <<< 常用
check also: 仮名


pronunciation: kanjin
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 肝腎
translation: importance
肝心な: kanjinnna: important, essential, main, vital
肝心要: kanjinkaname: the most important <<<
check also: 肝要


pronunciation: kanjo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: gentlewoman, court lady, maid of honor


pronunciation: kanjou
kanji characters: ,
translation: feeling, emotion, sentiment
感情を表す: kanjouoarawasu: show one's feelings <<<
感情を隠す: kanjouokakusu: hide one's feelings <<<
感情を抑える: kanjouoosaeru: control one's feelings <<<
感情を害する: kanjouogaisuru: hurt [wound] a person's feelings, offend a person <<<
感情に走る: kanjounihashiru: give way to one's feeling [passion], be driven [carried away] by passion <<<
感情に溺れる: kanjounioboreru <<<
感情に訴える: kanjouniuttaeru: appeal to the feelings of a person <<<
感情を籠めて: kanjouokomete: with feeling [sentiment] <<<
感情の籠った: kanjounokomotta: moving, touching
感情的: kanjouteki: emotional, sentimental, passionate <<<
感情的に: kanjoutekini: emotionally, sentimentally, passionately
感情家: kanjouka: emotional person, sentimentalist <<<
感情線: kanjousen: heart line <<<
感情論: kanjouron: sentimental argument <<<
感情移入: kanjouinyuu: empathy
抑圧感情: yokuatsukanjou: pent-up feelings <<< 抑圧


pronunciation: kanjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: loop (n.), ring (n.)
環状の: kanjouno: loop (a.), ring (a.), circular, annular
環状線: kanjousen: loop line <<<
環状道路: kanjoudouro: loop road, ring road <<< 道路
check also: ループ


pronunciation: kanjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: calculation, computation, reckoning, payment, settlement of accounts, bill, account, consideration
勘定する: kanjousuru: count, reckon, calculate
勘定違い: kanjouchigai: miscalculation, miscount, arithmetical [computational, computing] error, error in calculation <<<
勘定違いする: kanjouchigaisuru: miscalculate
勘定を間違える: kanjouomachigaeru <<< 間違
勘定を払う: kanjouoharau: pay a bill <<<
勘定を済ます: kanjouosumasu: settle a bill [an account] <<<
勘定を持つ: kanjouomotsu: pay a bill for others <<<
勘定を溜める: kanjouotameru: run up bills <<<
勘定を付ける: kanjouotsukeru: keep accounts <<<
勘定に入れる: kanjouniireru: take (a matter) into account [consideration] <<<
勘定に入れない: kanjouniirenai: take no account of, reckon without
勘定高い: kanjoudakai: calculating, mercenaly <<<
勘定取り: kanjoutori: bill [debt] collector <<<
勘定書: kanjougaki: a bill <<<
勘定日: kanjoubi: payday <<<
当方勘定: touhoukanjou: our account <<< 当方
月末勘定: getsumatsukanjou: month-end payment <<< 月末
手形勘定: tegatakanjou: account of exchange <<< 手形
残高勘定: zandakakanjou: balance account <<< 残高
預金勘定: yokinkanjou: deposit account <<< 預金
利息勘定: risokukanjou: interest calculation <<< 利息
当座勘定: touzakanjou: account current <<< 当座
財産勘定: zaisankanjou: assets and liabilities account <<< 財産
売掛勘定: urikakekanjou: accounts of credit sales, charge account <<< 売掛
売上勘定: uriagekanjou: sales account <<< 売上
現金勘定: genkinkanjou: cash account <<< 現金
check also: 計算 , 会計

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