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pronunciation: kanka
kanji characters: ,
translation: influence (n.)
感化する: kankasuru: influence (v.)
感化される: kankasareru: be influenced [affected] (by)
感化を受ける: kankaoukeru <<<
感化され易い: kankasareyasui: be easily influenced (by) <<<
感化を受け易い: kankaoukeyasui
感化院: kankain: reformatory <<<
check also: 影響


pronunciation: kankaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: space, interval
間隔を置く: kankakuooku: leave a space (between) <<<
間隔を空ける: kankakuoakeru <<<
間隔を詰める: kankakuotsumeru: leave no space (between) <<<
運転間隔: untenkankaku: headway, interval between two trains [buses] <<< 運転
レール間隔: reerukankaku: track spacing <<< レール


pronunciation: kankaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , art
translation: sense, sensation, feeling, sensibility
感覚が鋭い: kankakugasurudoi: have keen senses <<<
感覚が鈍い: kankakuganibui: have dull senses <<<
感覚の無い: kankakunonai: insensible, senseless <<<
感覚を失う: kankakuoushinau: become insensible, be benumbed <<<
感覚的: kankakuteki: sensory, sensuous <<<
感覚論: kankakuron: sensationalism <<<
感覚論者: kankakuronsha: sensualist <<<
感覚派: kankakuha <<<
感覚美: kankakubi: sensuous beauty <<<
感覚神経: kankakushinkei: sensitive nerves <<< 神経
感覚器官: kankakukikan: sense organ <<< 器官
感覚中枢: kankakuchuusuu: sense center, sensorium <<< 中枢
空間感覚: kuukankankaku: space feeling <<< 空間
色彩感覚: shikisaikankaku: color sense <<< 色彩
方向感覚: houkoukankaku: sense of direction <<< 方向
道徳感覚: doutokukankaku: moral sense, morality <<< 道徳
check also: 感性


pronunciation: kankatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: jurisdiction, control
管轄の: kankatsuno: under the jurisdiction of
管轄に属する: kankatsunizokusuru: fall under the jurisdiction of <<<
管轄する: kankatsusuru: exercise jurisdiction [control] (over)
管轄内の: kankatsunaino: within the jurisdiction (of) <<<
管轄外の: kankatsugaino: outside the jurisdiction (of) <<<
管轄争い: kankatsuarasoi: jurisdiction dispute <<<
管轄権: kankatsuken: jurisdiction <<<
管轄区域: kankatsukuiki: district [sphere] of jurisdiction <<< 区域
管轄官庁: kankatsukanchou: competent authorities <<< 官庁
管轄裁判所: kankatsusaibansho: competent court <<< 裁判所


pronunciation: kankei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar , society
translation: relation, relationship, connection
関係する: kankeisuru: be related [connected]
関係が有る: kankeigaaru: have something to do <<<
関係が無い: kankeiganai: have nothing to do <<<
関係を絶つ: kankeiotatsu: sever [cut off] a connection from <<<
関係者: kankeisha: persons concerned <<<
関係諸国: kankeishokoku: nations concerned
関係書類: kankeishorui: related papers <<< 書類
関係当局: kankeitoukyoku: authorities concerned <<< 当局
関係官庁: kankeikanchou <<< 官庁
関係閣僚: kankeikakuryou: ministers concerned <<< 閣僚
関係代名詞: kankeidaimeishi: relative pronoun
関係形容詞: kankeiyoushi: relative adjective
関係副詞: kankeihukushi: relative adverb <<< 副詞
無関係の: mukankeino: irrelevant, unrelated <<<
師弟の関係: shiteinokankei: relationship between master and pupil <<< 師弟
対人関係: taijinkankei: personal relation <<< 対人
前後関係: zengokankei: context <<< 前後
友好関係: yuukoukankei: friendly relation <<< 友好
三角関係: sankakukankei: eternal triangle, love triangle <<< 三角
人間関係: ningeikankei: human relations <<< 人間
緊密な関係: kinmitsunakankei: close relationship <<< 緊密
親子関係: oyakokankei: filiation <<< 親子
男女関係: danjokankei: sex relations <<< 男女
日中関係: nitchuukankei: relation between Japan and China <<< 日中
国際関係: kokusaikankei: international relationship <<< 国際
相互関係: sougokankei: mutual [reciprocal] relation <<< 相互
因果関係: ingakankei: casualty, casual relation <<< 因果
取引関係: torihikikankei: business connection <<< 取引
親族関係: shinzokukankei: relationship, kinship <<< 親族
親類関係: shinruikankei: relationship, kinship <<< 親類
自他の関係: jitanokankei: relationship with others <<< 自他
check also: 関連


pronunciation: kanketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: conclusion, completion
完結する: kanketsusuru: complete, conclude, finish
check also: 完了


pronunciation: kanketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: brevity, conciseness, terseness
簡潔な: kanketsuna: brief, concise, terse
簡潔に: kanketsuni: briefly, concisely, tersely
簡潔な文章: kanketsunabunshou: concise sentences <<< 文章


pronunciation: kanki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: ventilation
換気する: kankisuru: ventilate
換気の良い: kankinoii: well-ventilated <<<
換気の悪い: kankinowarui: ill-ventilated <<<
換気孔: kankikou: air vent, ventilation shaft <<<
換気扇: kankisen: exhaust fan, kitchen fan <<<
換気装置: kankisouchi: ventilation system, ventilator <<< 装置
check also: 通風


pronunciation: kanki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: cold air, coldness
synonyms: 冷気
antonyms: 熱気


pronunciation: kanki
kanji characters: ,
translation: joy, delight, exultation, ecstasy, glee
歓喜する: kankisuru: rejoice, dance for joy, be in delight
歓喜に酔う: kankiniyou <<<

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