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pronunciation: kannyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: advertisement
translation: canvassing, invitation, persuasion
勧誘する: kannyuusuru: canvass, invite, persuade, tout
勧誘員: kannyuuin: canvassing agent, canvasser <<<
勧誘状: kannyuujou: letter of invitation [solicitation] <<<
check also: 宣伝 , 運動


pronunciation: kanojo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: she, her, woman, girlfriend
彼女は: kanojowa: She is
彼女を: kanojoo: her
彼女に: kanojoni: her, to her
彼女へ: kanojoe
彼女の: kanojono: her, woman's, girlfriend's
彼女の物: kanojonomono: hers <<<
彼女が有る: kanojogaaru: have a girlfriend <<<
彼女達: kanojotachi: they, women, girlfriends <<<
彼女等: kanojora <<<
彼女自身: kanojojishin: herself <<< 自身
check also: 彼氏


pronunciation: kanoke
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: coffin, casket
棺桶にいれる: kanokeniireru: put in a coffin
棺桶に片足を突っ込む: kanokenikataashiotsukkomu: have one foot in the grave
synonyms: 霊柩
check also: 葬式


pronunciation: kanou
kanji characters: ,
translation: possibility, likelihood
可能性: kanousei <<<
可能な: kanouna: possible, likely
不可能: hukanou: impossibility, unlikelihood <<< , 不能
不可能な: hukanouna: impossible, unlikely
矯正可能: kyouseikanou: corrigible, rectifiable, curable <<< 矯正
再生可能: saiseikanou: recyclable, reusable <<< 再生
攻撃可能: kougekikanou: attackable, assailable, vulnerable <<< 攻撃
実現可能な: jitsugenkanouna: realizable <<< 実現
実行可能な: jikkoukanouna: practicable, executable, realizable, doable <<< 実行
check also: 出来


pronunciation: kanpa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: coldwave, freeze


pronunciation: kanpai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: toast (for someone), Cheers! Chin-chin! To your health!
乾杯する: kanpaisuru: toast (v.), give the toast
check also: トースト , 祝杯


pronunciation: kanpai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: complete defeat, total setback
完敗する: kanpaisuru: suffer a complete defeat
synonyms: 惨敗


pronunciation: kanpan , kouhan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: deck
甲板渡し: kanpanwatashi: free on board <<<
甲板に出る: kanpannnideru: go out to deck <<<
甲板長: kanpanchou: boatswain, bosun <<<
甲板船客: kanpansenkyaku: deck passenger
甲板積荷: kanpantsumini: deck cargo
上甲板: joukanpan: upper deck <<<
中甲板: chuukanpan: middle deck <<<
下甲板: gekanpan: lower deck <<<
前甲板: zenkanpan: forecastle deck <<<
後甲板: koukanpan: quarter deck <<<
着陸甲板: chakurikukanpan: landing deck <<< 着陸
飛行甲板: hikoukanpan: flight [flying] deck <<< 飛行
check also: デッキ


pronunciation: kanpeki
kanji characters: ,
translation: perfection, completeness
完璧な: kanpekina: perfect, faultless, flawless, complete
完璧に: kanpekini: perfectly, completely
完璧を期する: kanpekiokisuru: aim at perfection <<<
check also: 完全


pronunciation: kanpou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: Chinese method [school]
漢方医: kanpoui: Chinese herbal doctor <<<
漢方薬: kanpouyaku: Chinese medicine <<<
漢方屋: kanpouya: herbalist's shop <<<

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