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pronunciation: kagen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: lower limit, minimum
check also: 上限


pronunciation: kagen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food , mathematics
translation: degree, extent, taste, flavor (n.), seasoning, health, condition, adjustment, regulation, moderation, allowance, influence, addition and subtraction
加減する: kagensuru: moderate, adjust, regulate, modulate, make allowance for, flavor (v.)
加減を見る: kagennomiru: taste (v.), try the flavor <<<
加減が良い: kagengaii: be [feel] well, be in good condition <<<
加減が悪い: kagengawarui: be [feel] unwell [ill], be in bad condition <<<
加減乗除: kagenjoujo: addition subtraction multiplication and division, four rules of arithmetic
味加減: ajikagen: seasoning <<<
味加減が良い: ajikagengaii: be well seasoned <<<
味加減が悪い: ajikagengawarui: be badly seasoned <<<
匙加減: sajikagen: prescription, allowance, manipulation <<<
匙加減をする: sajikagennosuru: use one's discretion, make allowance (for)
手加減する: tekagensuru <<<
手加減: tekagen: allowance, knack, discretion
好い加減な: iikagennna: random, halfway, indifferent <<<
好い加減に: iikagennni: at random, indifferently
好い加減にやる: iikagennniyaru: do things by halves, scamp one's work
check also: 具合 , 調子


pronunciation: kagerou
other spells: 蜻蛉
keyword: insect
translation: dayfly, ephemera, dragonfly (anc.)
蜉蝣の様な: kagerounoyouna: ephemeral, short-lived <<<
蜉蝣の命: kagerounoinochi: ephemeral life [existence] <<<
check also: 蜻蛉


pronunciation: kagerou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: heat haze, shimmer of the air
陽炎が立つ: kagerougatatsu: The air shimmers <<<
陽炎現象: kagerougenshou: schlieren <<< 現象


pronunciation: kagiZume , kagitsume
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal , bird
translation: claw


pronunciation: kagibari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: hook, crochet needle


pronunciation: kagome
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 篭目, カゴメ
keyword: utensil
translation: mesh of a basket, Kagome (a Japanese children's game)


pronunciation: kagoshima
kanji characters: 鹿 , ,
keyword: japan
translation: Kagoshima (prefecture, city)
鹿児島県: kagoshimaken: Prefecture of Kagoshima <<<
鹿児島市: kagoshimashi: City of Kagoshima <<<
鹿児島湾: kagoshimawan: Kagoshima Bay <<<
鹿児島空港: kagoshimakuukou: Kagoshima Airport <<< 空港
check also: 薩摩 , Kagoshima


pronunciation: kagou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: (chemical) combination
化合する: kagousuru: combine (with)
化合物: kagoubutsu: (chemical) compound <<<
化合力: kagouryoku: chemical affinity <<<
化合量: kagouryou: combining [equivalent] weight <<<
化合熱: kagounetsu: combination heat <<<
炭素と化合させる: tansotokagousaseru: carbonize <<< 炭素


pronunciation: kagu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: furniture, household goods
家具を入れる: kaguoireru: furnish <<<
家具付き: kagutsuki: furnished <<<
家具師: kagushi: joiner <<<
家具屋: kaguya: furniture shop [store], furniture dealer <<<
家具店: kaguten: furniture shop [store] <<<
家具一個: kaguikko: a piece of furniture <<< 一個
家具一式: kaguisshiki: a suite of furniture
ユニット家具: yunittokagu: unit furniture <<< ユニット

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