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pronunciation: kanshin
kanji characters: ,
translation: interest, concern, preoccupation
関心有る: kanshinnaru: interested, concerned, preoccupied <<<
関心無い: kanshinnnai: uninterested, unconcerned, indifferent, nonchalant <<<
関心を持つ: kanshinnomotsu: be interested in, have [take] an interest in, be concerned about (for) <<<
関心を持たない: kanshinnomotanai: be indifferent in, have [take] no interest in, be not concerned about (for)
関心を示す: kanshinnoshimesu: show interest in something <<<
関心事: kanshingoto: matter of concern <<<
無関心: mukanshin: indifference, nonchalance <<<
check also: 興味


pronunciation: kanshin
kanji characters: ,
translation: admiration
感心な: kanshinnna: admirable, laudable, praiseworthy
感心な行い: kanshinnnaokonai: admirable action [act] <<<
感心に: kanshinnni: creditably, to one's credit
感心する: kanshinsuru: admire, be struck with admiration (at), be much impressed (with)
感心させる: kanshinsaseru: cause an admiration, arouse admiration
感心して: kanshinshite: with admiration, with wonder, admiringly
感心感心: kanshinkanshin: Well done! Excellent! Bravo! Good for you!


pronunciation: kanshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: collation, snack
間食する: kanshokusuru: eat between meals
check also: 御八 , 軽食


pronunciation: kanshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fabric
translation: (sense of) touch, feeling
感触が良い: kanshokugaii, kanshokugayoi: be soft [agreeable] to the touch <<<
感触が悪い: kanshokugawarui: be rough [disagreeable] to the touch <<<
synonyms: タッチ , 印象


pronunciation: kanshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: ring-shaped coral island, atoll
ビキニ環礁: bikinikanshou: Bikini Atoll <<< ビキニ
check also: 珊瑚


pronunciation: kanshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: complete [sweeping] victory
完勝する: kanshousuru: win a complete [sweeping] victory


pronunciation: kanshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: appreciation
鑑賞する: kanshousuru: appreciate
鑑賞的: kanshouteki: appreciative <<<
鑑賞家: kanshouka: appreciator <<<
check also: 観賞


pronunciation: kanshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: absorption of an impact
緩衝国: kanshoukoku: buffer state <<<
緩衝地: kanshouchi: buffer [neutral] zone <<<
緩衝地帯: kanshouchitai <<< 地帯
緩衝器: kanshouki: (railroad) buffer, bumper <<<
緩衝装置: kanshousouchi: shock absorber <<< 装置
緩衝作用: kanshousayou: regulatory action <<< 作用
緩衝液: kanshoueki: regulatory [buffer] solution <<<
緩衝溶液: kanshouyoueki <<< 溶液


pronunciation: kanshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: admiration
観賞する: kanshousuru: admire, enjoy
観賞魚: kanshougyo: fish for aquarium <<<
観賞植物: kanshoushokubutsu: ornamental [garden] plant <<< 植物
check also: 鑑賞


pronunciation: kanshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: optics , politics
translation: interference, meddling, intervention
干渉する: kanshousuru: interfere, meddle, intervene
干渉好き: kanshouzuki: meddlesome person, meddler, busybody <<<
干渉計: kanshoukei: interferometer <<<
干渉縞: kanshoujima: band of interference <<<
干渉主義: kanshoushugi: interventionism <<< 主義
干渉主義者: kanshoushugisha: interventionist <<<
不干渉: hukanshou: noninterference, nonintervention <<<
無干渉: mukanshou <<<
無干渉主義: mukanshoushugi: non intervention policy <<< 主義
内政干渉: naiseikanshou: intervention <<< 内政
三国干渉: sangokukanshou: Triple Intervention <<< 三国
武力干渉: buryokukanshou: armed intervention <<< 武力
synonyms: 御節介 , 妨害 , 邪魔

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