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pronunciation: kanzou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant
translation: licorice
甘草液: kanzoueki: Spanish juice <<<
甘草エキス: kanzouekisu <<< エキス


pronunciation: kaodachi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: features, face, looks, physiognomy
顔立ちの良い: kaodachinoii: good-looking, well-favored <<< , 美男 , 美女
顔立ちの悪い: kaodachinowarui: bad-looking, ill-favored <<<
顔立ちの整った: kaodachinototonotta: regular-featured <<<


pronunciation: kaoiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: complexion, color (of face), looks, countenance, facial expression
顔色が良い: kaoirogaii, kaoirogayoi: look well [fresh], have rosy cheeks <<<
顔色が良く成る: kaoirogayokunaru: gain color
顔色が悪い: kaoirogawarui: look pale, be colorless <<<
顔色を変える: kaoirookaeru: change color, turn pale <<<
顔色に出す: kaoironidasu: betray, show <<<
顔色を伺う: kaoirooukagau: study the pleasure of a person, read a person's face <<<
顔色を読む: kaoirooyomu <<<
synonyms: 血色 , 気色


pronunciation: kaoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: house, building
家屋税: kaokuzei: house tax <<<
倒壊家屋: toukaikaoku: collapsed houses <<< 倒壊
耐震家屋: taishinkaoku: earthquake-proof building <<< 耐震
全焼家屋: zenshoukaoku: completely burned house <<< 全焼
組立家屋: kumitatekaoku: prefabricated house, prefab <<< 組立
独立家屋: dokuritsukaoku: detached house <<< 独立
木造家屋: mokuzoukaoku: wooden house, frame house <<< 木造
浸水家屋: shinsuikaoku: flooded [inundated, submerged] houses <<< 浸水
synonyms: 建物


pronunciation: kappa
kanji characters: ,
other spells: カッパ
keyword: legend
translation: kappa (a Japanese legendary aquatic animal)
河童巻: kappamaki: seasoned rice and sliced cucumber rolled in laver <<<
屁の河童: henokappa: dead easy, easy-peasy, very easy <<<
御河童: okappa: bowl cut <<<
御河童頭: okappaatama <<<
check also: Kappa


pronunciation: kappatsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: activity, vivacity, animation
活発な: kappatsuna: active, animated, brisk, lively, vivacious
活発な議論: kappatsunagiron: animated discussion <<< 議論
活発な市場: kappatsunashijou: brisk [lively, booming] market <<< 市場
活発に: kappatsuni: actively, animatedly, briskly, livelily, vivaciously
活発になる: kappatsuninaru: brisk, revive
活発にする: kappatsunisuru: activate, animate
活発に議論する: kappatsunigironsuru: actively discuss <<< 議論
check also: 活気


pronunciation: kappou
kanji characters:
keyword: gastronomy
translation: Japanese cooking
割烹着: kappougi: apron <<< , エプロン
割烹店: kappouten: Japanese-style restaurant <<<
synonyms: 和食


pronunciation: karaage
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 唐揚
keyword: food
translation: fry without coating, French-fry (n.)
空揚にする: karaagenisuru: French-fry (v.), deep-fry
空揚にした: karaagenishita: French-fried, deep-fried


pronunciation: karakuchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: dry [hot, spicy] taste
辛口の: karakuchino: dry, hot, spicy
辛口批評: karakuchihihyou: bitter [unsparing] criticism <<< 批評
辛口ワイン: karakuchiwain: dry wine <<< ワイン
辛口ソース: karakuchisoosu: hot [spicy] sauce <<< ソース
antonyms: 甘口


pronunciation: karakuri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: mechanism, contraption, manipulation, machinery, device, contrivance, trick
絡繰る: karakuru: manipulate, maneuver, resort to tricks
check also: 仕掛 , メカニズム

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