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pronunciation: keihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: criminal [penal] law [code]
刑法上の: keihoujouno: criminal, penal <<<
刑法上: keihoujo: criminally
刑法学者: keihougakusha: criminalist <<< 学者


pronunciation: keihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: alarm, warning
警報を鳴らす: keihouonarasu: give a warning [an emergency signal] <<<
警報を出す: keihouodasu <<<
警報を発する: keihouohassuru <<<
警報機: keihouki: alarm <<<
警報装置: keihousouchi <<< 装置
警報解除: keihoukaijo: all-clear <<< 解除
警報ランプ: keihouranpu: warning light <<< ランプ
警戒警報: keikaikeihou: air defense alarm <<< 警戒
非常警報: hijoukeihou: alarm bell <<< 非常
暴風警報: bouhuukeihou: storm warning <<< 暴風
津波警報: tsunamikeihou: tsunami warning [alert] <<< 津波
空襲警報: kuushuukeihou: air-raid alarm [warning] <<< 空襲
check also: 警告 , 警笛 , サイレン , アラーム


pronunciation: keii
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: respect, reverence, regard, honor, homage
敬意を表す: keiioarawasu: pay one's respect [regard] (to), show one's respect, do honor [homage] (to) <<<
敬意を払う: keiioharau <<<
敬意を表して: keiioarawashite: out of respect for, in honor of <<<
check also: 尊敬


pronunciation: keii
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: longitude and latitude, circumstance, details, particulars
経緯儀: keiigi: theodolite <<<
check also: 経度 , 緯度 , 事情


pronunciation: keiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security , crime
translation: (police) detective, inspector
刑事上の: keijijouno: criminal, penal <<<
刑事犯: keijihan: penal offence [offender] <<<
刑事事件: keijijiken: criminal case <<< 事件
刑事裁判: keijisaiban: criminal trial <<< 裁判
刑事訴訟: keijisoshou: criminal action [suit] <<< 訴訟
刑事訴訟法: keijisoshouhou: criminal procedure code <<<
刑事被告: keijihikoku: accused, culprit <<< 被告
刑事責任: keijisekinin: criminal responsibility <<< 責任
刑事補償: keijihoshou: criminal indemnity (for) <<< 補償
刑事コロンボ: keijikoronbo: Columbo (US TV series, 1971-1978 and 1989-2003)


pronunciation: keiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: computer , town
translation: notice, notification, placard (n.), bill
掲示する: keijisuru: notify, put up a notice, placard (v.)
掲示板: keijiban: bulletin board, notice board, signboard <<< , フォーラム
掲示場: keijijou: notice shed [wall] <<<
check also: 表示


pronunciation: keiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: revelation (of God)
啓示する: keijisuru: reveal
神の啓示: kaminokeiji: revelation of God <<<


pronunciation: keika
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , calendar
translation: passage, lapse, course, progress
経過する: keikasuru: pass, elapse, run


pronunciation: keikai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security , disaster
translation: watch (n.), lookout, vigilance, warning, admonition, caution, precaution
警戒する: keikaisuru: watch [look out] for, guard (v.)
警戒色: keikaishoku: warning color <<<
警戒線: keikaisen: cordon, chain of guards <<<
警戒管制: keikaikansei: alert, dim-out
警戒警報: keikaikeihou: air defense alarm <<< 警報
警戒信号: keikaishingou: caution [warning] signal <<< 信号
警戒水位: keikaisuii: flood level <<< 水位
check also: 警告 , 警報 , 用心


pronunciation: keikai
kanji characters: ,
translation: lightness, cheerfulness
軽快な: keikaina: light, light-hearted, cheerful, joyful, buoyant, nimble
軽快に: keikaini: lightly, cheerfully, joyfully, nimbly, with a light heart
軽快な動作: keikainadousa: swift movement <<< 動作
check also: 快適

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