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pronunciation: kaigo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: care, nursing
介護する: kaigosuru: take care of, attend, nurse
介護人: kaigonin: attendant, helper <<<
介護保険: kaigohoken: nursing care insurance <<< 保険
check also: 看護 , 介抱


pronunciation: kaigou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: assembly, meeting
会合する: kaigousuru: meet together, gather, assemble
会合を開く: kaigouohiraku: have a meeting <<<
会合場所: kaigoubasho: place of meeting, rendezvous <<< 場所
check also: 集合 , ミーティング


pronunciation: kaigun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: navy, fleet
海軍の: kaigunnno: naval
海軍力: kaigunryoku: naval power [strength] <<<
海軍省: kaigunshou: ministry of marine <<<
海軍大臣: kaigundaijin: minister of marine <<< 大臣
海軍長官: kaigunchoukan: secretary of the navy <<< 長官
海軍大将: kaiguntaishou: admiral <<< 大将
海軍士官: kaigunshikan: naval officer <<< 士官
海軍武官: kaigunbukan: naval attaché
海軍基地: kaigunkichi: naval base <<< 基地
海軍工廠: kaigunkoushou: naval dockyard
海軍病院: kaigunbyouin: naval hospital <<< 病院
海軍兵学校: kaigunheigakkou: Naval College, Naval Academy
帝国海軍: teikokukaigun: imperial navy <<< 帝国
check also: 陸軍 , 空軍


pronunciation: kaigyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: opening of a business [shop], commencement of business
開業する: kaigyousuru: open business, set oneself up as, start practice
開業医: kaigyoui: medical practitioner <<<
開業免許: kaigyoumenkyo: license to practice <<< 免許
synonyms: 開店


pronunciation: kaihatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: development, exploitation
開発する: kaihatsusuru: develop, exploit
開発者: kaihatsusha: developer <<<
開発費: kaihatsuhi: development cost <<<
開発援助: kaihatsuenjo: development aid [assistance] <<< 援助
開発銀行: kaihatsuginkou: development bank <<< 銀行
開発途上国: kaihatsutojoukoku: developing country
核開発: kakukaihatsu: nuclear development <<<
乱開発: rankaihatsu: uncontrolled development <<<
技術開発: gijutsukaihatsu: technological development <<< 技術
電源開発: dengenkaihatsu: development of power resources <<< 電源
資源を開発する: shigennokaihatsusuru: develop [exploit] natural resources <<< 資源
森林開発: shinrinkaihatsu: forestry development <<< 森林
check also: 開拓


pronunciation: kaihei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: marine
海兵隊: kaiheitai: marine corps <<<


pronunciation: kaihen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: change (n.), innovation
改変する: kaihensuru: change (v.), alter, innovate
check also: 改革


pronunciation: kaihi
kanji characters: ,
translation: evasion, avoidance
回避する: kaihisuru: evade, avoid, shun
回避出来る: kaihidekiru: avoidable <<< 出来
回避出来ない: kaihidekinai: unavoidable
リスク回避: risukukaihi: risk-off <<< リスク


pronunciation: kaihi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: (membership) fee, (club) dues, subscription
会費を納める: kaihioosameru: pay dues <<<
会費を集める: kaihioatsumeru: collect dues <<<
会費を徴収する: kaihiochoushuusuru <<< 徴収


pronunciation: kaihou
kanji characters: ,
translation: opening, openness
開放する: kaihousuru: free (v.), open, unlock
開放的: kaihouteki: frank, open-hearted <<<
奴隷開放: doreikaihou: liberation of slaves <<< 奴隷
市場開放: shijoukaihou: market opening <<< 市場
check also: 閉鎖 , 解放

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