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pronunciation: ketsudan
kanji characters: ,
translation: decision, determination, resolution
決断する: ketsudansuru: decide, give [make] a decision, determine, resolve
決断を下す: ketsudannokudasu <<<
決断が早い: ketsudangahayai: be quick to arrive at a decision <<<
決断力: ketsudanryoku: resolution <<<
決断力に乏しい: ketsudanryokunitoboshii: lack decision, be irresolute <<<
決断力を欠く: ketsudanryokuokaku <<<
check also: 決定


pronunciation: ketsueki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , biology
translation: blood
血液型: ketsuekigata: blood type <<<
血液検査: ketsuekikensa: blood test <<< 検査
血液銀行: ketsuekiginkou: blood bank <<< 銀行
血液透析: ketsuekitouseki: hemodialysis <<< 透析
保存血液: hozonketsueki: banked [stored] blood <<< 保存


pronunciation: ketsui
kanji characters: ,
translation: determination, decision, will
決意する: ketsuisuru: determine, decide, make up one's mind
check also: 決心


pronunciation: ketsujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: absence (in a game)
欠場する: ketsujousuru: be absent [not participate] (in a game)
check also: 欠席


pronunciation: ketsumaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: conjunctiva
結膜炎: ketsumakuen: conjunctivitis <<<


pronunciation: ketsumatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: end, close, conclusion, termination, issue, result, denouement, settlement
結末が着く: ketsumatsugatsuku: come to an end [a close], be concluded, be settled <<<
結末を着ける: ketsumatsuotsukeru: conclude, settle, bring to an end [a conclusion]
check also: 結果


pronunciation: ketsuron
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: conclusion
結論する: ketsuronsuru: conclude, close
結論を出す: ketsuronnodasu <<<
結論として: ketsurontoshite: in conclusion, to conclude
結論に達する: ketsuronnnitassuru: reach (come to, arrive at) a conclusion <<<
結論を急ぐ: ketsuronnoisogu: jump at a conclusion <<<


pronunciation: kettei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: decision, determination, edict, trial order, verdict
決定する: ketteisuru: decide, determine
決定を下す: ketteiokudasu <<<
決定的: ketteiteki: decisive, final, conclusive, definitive <<<
決定的勝利: ketteitekishouri: decisive victory <<< 勝利
決定的瞬間: ketteitekishunkan: decisive moment, crossroads <<< 瞬間
決定的に: ketteitekini: decisively, definitively <<<
決定版: ketteiban: final [definitive] edition <<<
決定権: ketteiken: decisive power <<<
決定票: ketteihyou: decisive vote <<<
決定打: ketteida: game-winning hit (in baseball) <<<
決定論: ketteiron: determinism <<<
決定論者: ketteironsha: determinist <<<
更正決定: kouseikettei: reassessment of an income tax <<< 更正
最終決定: saishuukettei: final decision <<< 最終
態度決定: taidokettei: stance <<< 態度
順位を決定する: junnioketteisuru: decide ranking <<< 順位
check also: 決断


pronunciation: ketten
kanji characters: ,
translation: trouble, fault, defect, flaw, shortcoming, weak point, blemish
欠点の有る: ketennnoaru: defective, faulty <<<
欠点の無い: kettennnonai: flawless, faultless, perfect <<<
欠点を捜す: kettennosagasu: pick a person's defects, find fault with <<<
欠点を隠す: kettennokakusu: conceal a defect <<<
欠点を直す: kettennonaosu: correct a defect <<<
欠点を改める: kettennoaratameru: correct oneself <<<
check also: 欠陥 , 汚点


pronunciation: kettou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: duel (n.)
決闘する: kettousuru: duel (v.)
決闘状: kettoujou: written challenge <<<
決闘者: kettousha: duelist <<<
決闘に応じる: kettounioujiru: take up the challenge <<<
決闘を申込む: kettouomoushikomu: challenge (a person) to a duel <<< 申込
真昼の決闘: mahirunokettou: High Noon (an US western, 1952) <<< 真昼
check also: 対決

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