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pronunciation: kettou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: pet , family
translation: bloodline, lineage, family line, pedigree, stock
血統が良い: kettougaii: come of a good stock <<<
血統が悪い: kettougawarui: come of a bad stock <<<
血統書: kettousho: certificate of breed <<<
synonyms: 血筋


pronunciation: keu
kanji characters: ,
translation: rareness
稀有な: keuna: rare, uncommon, unprecedented


pronunciation: kiZukare
kanji characters: ,
translation: mental fatigue, worry
気疲れする: kiZukaresuru: be fatigued mentally


pronunciation: kiZuke , kitsuke
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: care of (c/o), in care of, restorative, stimulant
気付薬: kitsukekusuri: restorative, stimulant <<<
気付く: kiZuku: become aware [conscious] of, notice, think of, find out, suspect


pronunciation: kiai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: shout, yell, cry
気合が籠る: kiaigakomoru: have much fighting spirit, have enough drive (to do) <<<
気合を掛ける: kiaiokakeru: shout at, urge a person to get a start [move] on his work <<<
気合を入れる: kiaioireru <<<
気合に欠ける: kiainikakeru: miss heat <<<
気合が足りない: kiaigatarinai <<<
気合負けする: kiaimakesuru: feel intimidated <<<
check also: 気迫


pronunciation: kiatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather , science
translation: (atmospheric) pressure
気圧が上がる: kiatsugaagaru: The atmospheric pressure rises <<<
気圧が下がる: kiatsugasagaru: The atmospheric pressure falls <<<
気圧の谷: kiatsunotani: trough (of atmospheric pressure) <<<
気圧計: kiatsukei: barometer <<<
気圧配置: kiatsuhaichi: distribution of atmospheric pressure <<< 配置
気圧変化: kiatsuhenka: change of atmospheric pressure <<< 変化
高気圧: koukiatsu: anticyclone <<<
低気圧: teikiatsu: depression <<<
check also: 圧力


pronunciation: kiba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: timber [lumber] yard


pronunciation: kiba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: horse
translation: horse riding
騎馬の: kibano: equestrian
騎馬で: kibade: on horseback
騎馬で行く: kibadeiku: go on horseback <<<
騎馬戦: kibasen: cavalry battle <<<
騎馬巡査: kibajunsa: mounted policeman, mounted police <<< 巡査
騎馬警官: kibakeikan <<< 警官
騎馬民族: kibaminzoku: mounted nomads <<< 民族
騎馬行列: kibagyouretsu: cavalcade <<< 行列
check also: 乗馬


pronunciation: kiban
kanji characters: ,
translation: basis, base, foundation
基盤に成る: kibannninaru: form the basis of <<<
基盤とする: kibantosuru: be based [founded] on
check also: 基板


pronunciation: kiban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electronics
translation: motherboard
check also: 基盤

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