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pronunciation: kigan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: prayer, supplication
祈願する: kigansuru: pray (for), offer a prayer (to)


pronunciation: kigane
kanji characters: ,
translation: reserve, hesitation, inhibition, constraint
気兼する: kiganesuru: be afraid of giving trouble (to), feel some constraint, have a regard for a person's feelings, be [feel] ill at ease
気兼無しに: kiganenashini: without reserve <<<
気兼せずに: kiganesezuni
気兼しないで: kiganeshinaide
気兼しないで下さい: kiganeshinaidekudasai: don't mind me, don't put yourself out for me <<<
check also: 遠慮


pronunciation: kigaru
kanji characters: ,
translation: light heart, cheerfulness, casualness
気軽な: kigaruna: lighthearted, cheerful, buoyant, casual, informal
気軽に: kigaruni: with a light heart, readily, free from worry [care]
synonyms: 気楽


pronunciation: kigeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: comedy, farce
喜劇を演じる: kigekioenjiru: play a comedy <<<
喜劇の: kigekino: comic, farcical
喜劇的: kigekiteki <<<
喜劇俳優: kigekihaiyuu: comic actor <<< 俳優
喜劇役者: kigekiyakusha: comedian <<< 役者
喜劇作者: kigekisakusha: comic writer <<< 作者
喜劇小説: kigekishousetsu: comic novel <<< 小説
喜劇映画: kigekieiga: comic film <<< 映画
check also: 悲劇


pronunciation: kigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , calendar
translation: foundation of an empire, birth of Jesus Christ
紀元前: kigenzen: before Christ, BC <<<
紀元後: kigengo: after Christ, AD <<<
キリスト紀元: kirisutokigen: Christian era <<< キリスト
check also: 西暦


pronunciation: kigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: term, period, deadline
期限までに: kigenmadeni: until the term, before the deadline
期限切れ: kigengire: expiration <<<
期限が切れる: kigengakireru: The term runs out [expires], be overdue
期限が過ぎる: kigengasugiru <<<
期限が切れた: kigengakireta: expired <<<
期限に成る: kigennninaru: mature, become [fall] due <<<
期限が来る: kigengakuru <<<
期限を定める: kigennosadameru: fix a term, set a deadline <<<
期限を付ける: kigennotsukeru: fix [place] a deadline, set a time limit <<<
期限付の: kigenZukino: limited in time, fixed-term
期限を守る: kegennomamoru: meet [observe] the deadline <<<
期限に遅れる: kigennniokureru: miss the deadline <<<
期限を延ばす: kigennonobasu: extend the deadline <<<
期限を延長する: kigennoenchousuru <<< 延長
期限満了: kigenmanryou: expiration of a term
出願期限: shutsugankigen: time limit for application <<< 出願
申込期限: moushikomikigen: time limit for application <<< 申込
賞味期限: shoumikigen: shelf life <<< 賞味
償還期限: shoukankigen: term [period] of redemption, date of maturity <<< 償還
申告期限: shinkokukigen: term of declaration <<< 申告
synonyms: 期間


pronunciation: kigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: origin, derivation, birth, beginning
起源する: kigensuru: originate, derive, be born from
起源を尋ねる: kigennotazuneru: trace to its origin <<<
起源に遡る: kigennnisakanoboru <<<
種の起源: shunokigen: The Origin of Species (by Charles Darwin, 1859) <<<
synonyms: 由来 , ルーツ


pronunciation: kigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: humor, mood, temper
機嫌良く: kigennyoku: cheerfully, willingly, with a good grace <<<
機嫌が良い: kigengaii, kigengayoi: be in good humor, cheerful
機嫌が良く成る: kigengayokunaru: recover one's temper, brighten up
機嫌を直す: kigennonaosu <<<
機嫌が悪い: kigengawarui: be in bad humor [out of humor] <<<
機嫌が悪く成る: kigengawarukunaru: sulk, upset
機嫌を取る: kigennotoru: flatter, court, ingratiate <<<
機嫌を伺う: kigennoukagau: ask a person's health, pay one's respects <<<
機嫌を害う: kigennosokonau: offend, hurt <<<
機嫌を損じる: kigennosonjiru <<<
上機嫌: joukigen: good [high] spirits <<<
上機嫌の: joukigennno: in good [high] spirits, good-humored, merry, cheerful
不機嫌: hukigen: bad [ill] humor, displeasure <<<
不機嫌の: hukigennno: discontented, disgruntled, grumpy
御機嫌は: gokigenha: How are you? <<<
御機嫌は如何: gokigenhaikaga <<< 如何
御機嫌よう: gokigennyou: How are you? adieu, farewell, bon voyage <<<
一杯機嫌: ippaikigen: tipsy <<< 一杯
synonyms: 気分


pronunciation: kigou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: sign, mark, symbol
記号の: kigouno: symbolic
記号を付ける: kigouotsukeru: mark, put a mark <<<
記号で表す: kigoudearawasu: represent with a symbol <<<
記号学: kigougaku: semiology, semiotics <<<
記号論: kigouron <<<
記号論理学: kigouronrigaku: symbolic [mathematical] logic
記号法: kigouhou: notation <<<
発音記号: hatsuonkigou: phonetic sign <<< 発音
反復記号: hanpukukigou: sign of repetition, ditto sign [marks] <<< 反復
化学記号: kagakukigou: chemical signs [symbols] <<< 化学
銘柄記号: meigarakigou: stock symbol <<< 銘柄
代数記号: daisuukigou: algebraical sign <<< 代数
プラス記号: purasukigou: plus sign <<< プラス
マイナス記号: mainasukigou: minus sign <<< マイナス
モールス記号: moorusukigou: Morse code <<< モールス
synonyms: 符号


pronunciation: kigu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: instrument, apparatus, appliance, utensil
医療器具: iryoukigu: medical apparatus <<< 医療
照明器具: shoumeikigu: lighting installation <<< 照明
測定器具: sokuteikigu: measuring apparatus <<< 測定
測量器具: sokuryoukigu: surveying instrument <<< 測量
体操器具: taisoukigu: gymnastic appliances <<< 体操
電気器具: denkikigu: electric apparatus, appliance <<< 電気
check also: 機器 , 器械

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