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pronunciation: kaihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: bulletin, report, transactions [proceedings] of a society


pronunciation: kaihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: release (n.), liberation, emancipation
解放する: kaihousuru: release (v.), liberate, emancipate, set free
解放される: kaihousareru: be released from
解放軍: kaihougun: liberation army <<<
解放感: kaihoukan: sense [feeling] of release [freedom] <<<
解放者: kaihousha: liberator <<<
解放区: kaihouku: liberated area [zone] <<<
解放地区: kaihouchiku <<< 地区
解放戦争: kaihousensou: liberation war <<< 戦争
解放運動: kaihouundou: liberation campaign [movement] <<< 運動
婦人解放: hujinkaihou: emancipation of women <<< 婦人
check also: 開放


pronunciation: kaihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: nursing, care
介抱する: kaihousuru: nurse (v.), tend, attend on, look after
check also: 看護 , 介護


pronunciation: kaihuku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 快復
keyword: medicine
translation: recovery, restoration
回復する: kaihukusuru: recover, restore
回復期: kaihukuki: convalescent stage <<<
回復力: kaihukuryoku: resilience, elasticity <<<
回復室: kaihukushitsu: recovery room <<<
意識を回復する: ishikiokaihukusuru: recover consciousness, come to oneself <<< 意識
視力を回復する: shiryokuokaihukusuru: recover one's sight <<< 視力
元気回復: genkikaihuku: revival <<< 元気


pronunciation: kaihyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: opening of the ballots
開票する: kaihyousuru: open the ballots, count the votes
開票中: kaihyouchuu: (votes) being counted <<<
開票所: kaihyousho: ballotcounting place <<<
開票速報: kaihyousokuhou: up-to-minute election returns <<< 速報
開票立会人: kaihyoutachiainin: ballotcounting witness
check also: 投票


pronunciation: kaiin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: member (of a society, club), membership
会員にする: kaiinnnisuru: affiliate
会員に成る: kaiinnninaru: become a member <<<
会員制: kaiinsei: reserved for members <<<
会員権: kaiinken: membership title [seat] <<<
会員証: kaiinshou: membership card <<<
会員券: kaiinken <<<
会員章: kaiinshou: membership badge <<<
会員名簿: kaiinmeibo: list of members
会員資格: kaiinshikaku: qualification of membership <<< 資格
正会員: seikaiin: full member <<<
準会員: junkaiin: associate member <<<
維持会員: ijikaiin: sustaining member <<< 維持
終身会員: shuushinkaiin: life member <<< 終身
現在会員: genzaikaiin: present members on the list <<< 現在
特別会員: tokubetsukaiin: special member <<< 特別
通常会員: tsuujoukaiin: ordinary [regular] member <<< 通常
アカデミー会員: akademiikaiin: academician <<< アカデミー


pronunciation: kaiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: disclosure
開示する: kaijisuru: disclose


pronunciation: kaijo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: release, unlocking, cancel (n.), cancellation, rescission
解除する: kaijosuru: unlock, lift, cancel (v.)
解除権: kaijoken: right to cancel <<<
解除条件: kaijojouken: cancel conditions <<< 条件
武装解除: busoukaijo: disarmament, dismantlement <<< 武装
責任解除: sekininkaijo: release from responsibility <<< 責任
警報解除: keihoukaijo: all-clear <<< 警報
動員解除: douinkaijo: demobilization <<< 動員
動員解除する: douinkaijosuru: demobilize <<< 動員
追放解除: tsuihoukaijo: depurge (n.) <<< 追放
追放を解除する: tsuihouokaijosuru: depurge (v.) <<< 追放
規制解除: kiseikaijo: removal [easing] of restrictions <<< 規制


pronunciation: kaijou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , media
translation: meeting place, assembly hall
講演会場: kouenkaijou: lecture hall <<< 講演
博覧会場: hakurankaijou: exhibition [exposition, fair] grounds <<< 博覧
演奏会場: ensoukaijou: concert hall <<< 演奏


pronunciation: kaijou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: opening
開場する: kaijousuru: open
開場式: kaijoushiki: opening ceremony <<<

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