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pronunciation: kiguu
kanji characters: ,
translation: chance [unexpected] meeting
check also: 遭遇


pronunciation: kigyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: start [foundation] of an enterprise
起業する: kigyousuru: start [embark in] an enterprise [a business]


pronunciation: kigyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , industry
translation: company, firm, enterprise
企業を起こす: kigyouookosu: plan an enterprise <<<
企業化: kigyouka: commercialization <<<
企業化する: kigyoukasuru: industrialize, commercialize, produce on a commercial basis
企業家: kigyouka: enterpriser <<<
企業熱: kigyounetsu: industrial fever <<<
企業心: kigyoushin: enterprising spirit <<<
企業契約: kigyoukeiyaku: affiliation, intercompany agreement <<< 契約
企業合同: kigyougoudou: trust
企業連合: kigyourengou: cartel <<< 連合
企業コード: kigyoukoodo: employer identification number, EIN <<< コード
私企業: shikigyou: private company <<<
大企業: daikigyou: large [major] company <<<
小企業: shoukigyou: small company <<<
複合企業: hukugoukigyou: conglomerate <<< 複合
巨大企業: kyodaikigyou: megabusiness, megacorporation <<< 巨大
大手企業: ootekigyou: major company <<< 大手
一流企業: ichiryuukigyou: first-rate [blue-ribbon] corporation <<< 一流
上場企業: joujoukigyou: listed company [enterprise] <<< 上場
マンモス企業: manmosukigyou: mammoth enterprise <<< マンモス
synonyms: 会社 , 事業


pronunciation: kihaku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 気魄
translation: spirit, vigor, temper
気迫が籠った: kihakugakomotta: full of spirit <<<
気迫が有る: kihakugaaru: be full of spirit <<<
気迫が無い: kihakuganai: be lacking in spirit <<<
check also: 気合


pronunciation: kihaku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 稀薄
keyword: nature
translation: rarity, thinness
希薄な: kihakuna: weak, thin, diluted, sparse, rare
希薄な空気: kihakunakuuki: rarefied [thin] air <<< 空気
希薄にする: kihakunisuru: weaken, rarefy, dilute


pronunciation: kihan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: standard, norm, criterion
規範文法: kihanbunpou: prescriptive grammar <<< 文法
check also: 規格 , スタンダード


pronunciation: kihatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: volatilization
揮発する: kihatsusuru: volatize
揮発性: kihatsusei: volatility <<<
揮発性の: kihatsuseino: volatile
揮発油: kihatsuyu: volatile oil, benzine <<< , ベンジン
揮発物: kihatsubutsu: volatile matter <<<


pronunciation: kihei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: cavalryman, horseman
騎兵隊: kiheitai: cavalry <<<
騎兵学校: kiheigakkou: cavalry school <<< 学校


pronunciation: kihin
kanji characters: ,
translation: dignity, nobility, grace, distinction
気品有る: kihinnaru: dignified, noble, graceful, distinguish <<<
気品が有る: kihingaaru: be graceful [distinguish]
check also: 上品


pronunciation: kihon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry , education
translation: basis, fundamental (n.), standard, rudiment, element, principle
基本的: kihonteki: basic, fundamental (a.) <<<
基本的に: kihontekini: basically, fundamentally, in principle
基本金: kihonkin: fund, endowment <<<
基本給: kihonkyuu: basic pay [wage] <<<
基本型: kihongata: basic pattern [model] <<<
基本法: kihonhou: basic law <<<
基本ルール: kihonruuru: basic rule <<< ルール
基本方針: kihonhoushin: basic policy <<< 方針
基本産業: kihonsangyou: basic industries <<< 産業
基本単位: kihontanni: fundamental unit <<< 単位
基本料金: kihonryoukin: basic charge <<< 料金
基本計画: kihonkeikaku: master plan <<< 計画
基本原理: kihongenri: fundamental principle <<< 原理
基本条件: kihonjouken: basic conditions <<< 条件
基本語彙: kihongoi: basic vocabulary <<< 語彙
check also: 基礎

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