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pronunciation: kikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature , travel
translation: account of the trip, travel book
紀行文: kikoubun <<<


pronunciation: kikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: climate, weather, season
気候の: kikouno: climatic
気候が良い: kikougaii, kikougayoi: The climate is nice [mild, healthful] <<<
気候が悪い: kikougawarui: The climate is bad [harsh, unhealthful] <<<
気候学: kikougaku: climatology <<<
気候不順: kikouhujun: unseasonable weather
check also: 天候


pronunciation: kikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion , medicine
translation: qigong, chigong, chikung
気功集団: kikoushuudan: Falun Gong <<< 集団


pronunciation: kikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: call (n.), stopover, touch-down
寄港する: kikousuru: call [stop, touch] at, put in [at], stop over
寄港地: kikouchi: port of call <<<


pronunciation: kikou
kanji characters: ,
translation: you (pol., anc.)
貴公の: kikouno: your
貴公は: kikouwa: you are
貴公に: kikouni: to you
synonyms: 貴方


pronunciation: kikubari
kanji characters: ,
translation: care, concern, consideration
気配りする: kikubarisuru: consider others' sentiments, be thoughtful toward others
check also: 配慮 , 心遣い


pronunciation: kikyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: returning to Tokyo, returning to the capital
帰京する: kikyousuru: return to Tokyo, return to the capital
check also: 帰省


pronunciation: kikyou
kanji characters:
keyword: flower
translation: Chinese bellflower
桔梗色の: kikyouirono: violet-blue <<<
check also: カンパニュラ


pronunciation: kikyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: balloon
気球を上げる: kikyuuoageru: launch a balloon <<<
気球船: kikyuusen: dirigible, airship <<<
熱気球: netsukikyuu: montgolfier, hot air balloon <<<
観測気球: kansokukikyuu: observation balloon <<< 観測
係留気球: keiryuukikyuu: captive balloon <<< 係留


pronunciation: kimae
kanji characters: ,
translation: liberality, generosity
気前の良い: kimaenoii, kimaenoyoi: liberal, generous, handsome <<<
気前良く: kimaeyoku: generously, with a good grace
check also: 気立て

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