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pronunciation: kimagure
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 気まぐれ
translation: caprice, fancy, whim
気紛れの: kimagureno: capricious, fanciful, whimsical, changeable
気紛れな: kimagurena
気紛れに: kimagureni: capriciously, whimsically, on a whim, from caprice, by fits and starts
気紛れ者: kimaguremono: capricious person <<<
気紛れを起す: kimagureookosu: get whims <<<
synonyms: 気儘


pronunciation: kimama
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 気まま
translation: selfishness, self-interestedness, self-seeking
気儘勝手: kimamakatte <<< 勝手
気儘な: kimamana: willful, self-willed, selfish, carefree
気儘に: kimamani: as one chooses, at one's pleasure, at will
気儘にする: kimamanisuru: have one's own way, act as one pleases
気儘に振舞う: kimamanihurumau


pronunciation: kimatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: end of a term
期末の: kimatsuno: final, terminal
期末試験: kimatsushiken: term-end examination <<< 試験
期末手当: kimatsuteate: term-end allowance <<< 手当 , ボーナス
期末決算: kimatsukessan: final accounts <<< 決算


pronunciation: kimei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , finance
translation: register, signature, subscription
記名する: kimeisuru: sign [put down] one's name, register
記名式: kimeishiki: registered <<<
記名株: kimeikabu: name share, registered stock <<<
記名証券: kimeishouken: registered security [bond] <<< 証券
記名社債: kimeishasai: registered debenture <<< 社債
記名投票: kimeitouhyou: signed vote, write-in <<< 投票
無記名: mukimei: anonymity <<<
無記名の: mukimeino: unsigned, unregistered, uninscribed, anonymous
無記名債権: mukimeisaiken: uninscribed bond <<< 債権
無記名社債: mukimeishasai: unregistered debenture <<< 社債
無記名投票: mukimeitouhyou: secret ballot [voting] <<< 投票
無記名貯金: mukimeichokin: uninscribed deposit <<< 貯金
check also: 署名


pronunciation: kimi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: yolk, yellow (of egg)
check also: 玉子 , 卵黄


pronunciation: kimi
kanji characters: ,
translation: feeling, sensation, smack, shade, tinge
気味が悪い: kimigawarui: have a vague fear [dread, apprehension], feel nervous [uneasy] <<<
気味の悪い: kiminowarui: weird, lurid, uncanny, spooky, creepy
気味悪そうに: kimiwarusouni: with some fear
不気味な: bukimina: uncanny, weird, eerie, eery <<<
風邪気味である: kazegimidearu: have a slight cold <<< 風邪


pronunciation: kimitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: airtightness
気密の: kimitsuno: airtight
気密室: kimitsushitsu: airtight chamber <<<
気密服: kimitsuhuku: airtight [pressure] suit <<<


pronunciation: kimitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: secrecy, secret (n.), confidentiality
機密の: kimitsuno: secret (a.), confidential
機密を漏らす: kimitsuomorasu: left out [leak] a secret <<<
機密を暴く: kimitsuoabaku: disclose [expose] a secret <<<
機密を守る: kimitsuomamoru: keep a secret <<<
機密を保持する: kimitsuohojisuru
機密費: kimitsuhi: secret service fund <<<
機密文書: kimitsubunsho: secret document <<< 文書
機密書類: kimitsushorui <<< 書類
機密事項: kimitsujikou: confidential matter, classified information <<< 事項
機密漏洩: kimitsurouei: leakage of secrets <<< 漏洩
軍の機密: gunnnokimitsu: military secret <<<
軍事機密: gunjikimitsu: military secret <<< 軍事
国家機密: kokkakimitsu: state secrecy <<< 国家
check also: 秘密


pronunciation: kimochi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: feeling, sensation, mood
気持の良い: kimochinoii, kimochinoyoi: pleasant, agreeable, comfortable, enjoyable, refreshing <<<
気持が良い: kimochigaii: feel comfortable [well, pleasant, agreeable]
気持の悪い: kimochinowarui: unpleasant, disagreeable, uncomfortable, sick <<<
気持が悪い: kimochigawarui: feel uncomfortable [sick, unpleasant, disagreeable]
気持を悪くする: kimochiowarukusuru: hurt a person's feelings, offend a person
気持良く: kimochiyoku: pleasantly, agreeably, cheerfully, willingly, with a good grace <<<
純粋な気持ちで: junsuinakimochide: uninterestedly, indifferentely <<< 純粋
check also: 心地 , 気分 , 心持


pronunciation: kimono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: clothes, clothing, dress, kimono
着物を着る: kimonookiru: put one one's clothes, dress oneself <<<
着物を脱ぐ: kimonoonugu: take off one's clothes, undress oneself <<<
着物を着た: kimonookita: in a kimono, kimonoed <<<
着物を畳む: kimonootatamu: fold clothes <<<
check also: 和服

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