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pronunciation: kinnitsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: uniformity
均一の: kinnitsuno: uniform, flat, equal
均一に: kinnitsuni: uniformly
均一にする: kinnitsunisuru: unify, equalize
均一料金: kinnitsuryoukin: flat rate <<< 料金
均一定価: kinnitsuteika: flat price <<< 定価


pronunciation: kinnnen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: recent years, late years
近年は: kinnnenwa: in recent years, of late years, lately


pronunciation: kinnniku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: muscle, sinew
筋肉の: kinnnikuno: muscular
筋肉の逞しい: kinnnikunotakumashii <<<
筋肉を付ける: kinnnikuotsukeru: develop the muscle <<<
筋肉痛: kinnnikutsuu: muscular rheumatism <<<
筋肉学: kinnnikugaku: myology, sarcology <<<
筋肉運動: kinnnikuundou: muscular movement <<< 運動
筋肉労働: kinnnikuroudou: physical work, muscle labor <<< 労働
筋肉労働者: kinnnikuroudousha: manual worker, laborer <<<
筋肉組織: kinnnikusoshiki: muscular system <<< 組織
筋肉注射: kinnnikuchuusha: intramuscular injection <<< 注射
筋肉増強剤: kinnnikuzoukyouzai: anabolic steroid


pronunciation: kinnyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: Friday
金曜日: kinnyoubi <<<
今週の金曜: konshuunokinnyou: this Friday <<< 今週
今週の金曜に: konshuunokinnyouni: on this Friday <<< 今週


pronunciation: kinnyu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: embargo, banned trade
禁輸する: kinnyusuru: embargo (v.), ban the trade
禁輸品: kinnyuhin: embargoed article <<<


pronunciation: kinnyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , economy
translation: finance, banking
金融の: kinnyuuno: financial, monetary
金融界: kinnyuukai: financial circles <<<
金融法: kinnyuuhou: financial law <<<
金融難: kinnyuunan: financial difficulties, lack of money <<<
金融債: kinnyuusai: bank debenture <<<
金融業: kinnyuugyou: financial business <<<
金融業者: kinnyuugyousha: financier, moneylender <<< 業者
金融会社: kinnyuugaisha: finance company, bank <<< 会社 , 銀行
金融市場: kinnyuushijou: monetary market <<< 市場
金融資本: kinnyuushihon: financial capital <<< 資本
金融商品: kinnyuushouhin: financial products <<< 商品
金融機関: kinnyuukikan: financial agency <<< 機関
金融統制: kinnyuutousei: monetary control
金融危機: kinnyuukiki: financial crisis <<< 危機
金融恐慌: kinnyuukyoukou: financial [monetary] panic <<< 恐慌
オフショア金融: ohushoakinnyuu: offshore banking <<< オフショア
synonyms: ファイナンス
check also: マネー


pronunciation: kinou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , medicine
translation: faculty, function, specification
機能する: kinousuru: be workable [functional], function
機能的: kinouteki: functional <<<
機能的に: kinoutekini: functionally
機能有る: kinouaru: enable, be capable <<<
機能を果たす: kinouohatasu: fulfill one's function <<<
機能図: kinouzu: functional diagram <<<
機能主義: kinoushugi: functionalism <<< 主義
機能検査: kinoukensa: efficacy [functional] check <<< 検査
機能障害: kinoushougai: functional disorder <<< 障害
機能低下: kinouteika: depression <<< 低下
機能減退: kinougentai
機能不全: kinouhuzen: dysfunction
多機能の: takinouno: multifunctional <<<
検索機能: kensakukinou: search function <<< 検索
生殖機能: seishokukinou: reproductive function <<< 生殖


pronunciation: kinpaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: decoration
translation: gold leaf [foil]
金箔で覆う: kinpakudeoou: gild <<<
金箔を被せる: kinpakuokabuseru <<<


pronunciation: kinpatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty
translation: golden [fair] hair, blond (n.)
金髪の: kinpatsuno: golden-haired, blond (a.), blonde
金髪の女: kinpatsunoonnna: blonde (woman), goldilocks <<<
synonyms: ブロンド


pronunciation: kinpen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: neighborhood, vicinity, proximity
此の近辺で: konokinpende: in this vicinity [proximity] <<<
synonyms: 付近 , 近所

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