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pronunciation: kiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , life
translation: crossroad, forked road
岐路に立つ: kironitatsu: stand at a crossroad <<<


pronunciation: kiroku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , book
translation: record (n.), performance, score, document, note
記録の: kirokuno: documentary
記録する: kirokusuru: record (v.), mark (v.), register (v.), report
記録を作る: kirokuotsukuru: make [establish] a record <<<
記録を樹立する: kirokuojuritsusuru
記録を破る: kirokuoyaburu: break the record <<<
記録的: kirokuteki: record-breaking <<<
記録係: kirokugakari: register (n.), registrar, keeper, recorder, scorer <<<
記録簿: kirokubo: register, index notebook <<< 簿
記録映画: kirokueiga: documentary film <<< 映画
記録文学: kirokubungaku: documentary literature <<< 文学
記録装置: kirokusouchi: recorder, recording device <<< 装置 , レコーダー
記録用紙: kirokuyoushi: tally sheet <<< 用紙
記録保持者: kirokuhojisha: record holder
新記録: shinkiroku: new record <<<
世界記録: sekaikiroku: world record <<< 世界
観測記録: kansokukiroku: observation record <<< 観測
公認記録: kouninkiroku: official record <<< 公認
高度記録: koudokiroku: altitude record <<< 高度
最高記録: saikoukiroku: the best record <<< 最高
試合記録: shiaikiroku: record of a match [game] <<< 試合
人生記録: jinseikiroku: human document <<< 人生
synonyms: 記載 , レコード , スコア


pronunciation: kiryoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: energy, spirit, vitality, pep
気力の有る: kiryokunoaru: energetic, vigorous, full of vitality <<<
気力の無い: kiryokunonai: spiritless, languid <<<
気力に乏しい: kiryokunitoboshii: be lacking in energy <<<
気力が衰える: kiryokugaotoroeru: languish, pine, wither <<<
気力を失う: kiryokuoushinau: lose one's vigor <<<


pronunciation: kiryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty
translation: personal appearance, looks, ability, capacity, talent, credit, credibility
器量の良い: kiryounoii, kiryounoyoi: pretty, good looking, comely <<<
器量の良くない: kiryounoyokunai: plain, plain-looking, homely
器量の有る: kiryounoaru: able <<<
器量を上げる: kiryouoageru: gain credit [credibility] <<<
器量を下げる: kiryouosageru: lose credit [credibility] <<<
synonyms: 才能 , 魅力


pronunciation: kiryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather , airplane
translation: air current
乱気流: rankiryuu: air turbulence, bump <<<
悪気流: akukiryuu <<<
下降気流: kakoukiryuu: downward (atmospheric, air) current <<< 下降
上昇気流: joushoukiryuu: bump, convection <<< 上昇
ジェット気流: jettokiryuu: jet stream <<< ジェット


pronunciation: kisai
kanji characters: ,
translation: unusual [singular] talent, genius, prodigy
check also: 天才


pronunciation: kisai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: mention (n.), entry
記載する: kisaisuru: mention (v.), enunciate, record, carry, enter
記載が無い: kisaiganai: No mention is made (of) <<<
記載漏れ: kisaimore: omission <<<
記載事項: kisaijikou: mentioned items <<< 事項
check also: 記録


pronunciation: kisama
kanji characters: ,
translation: you, my dear fellow
check also: 貴方


pronunciation: kisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: parasitism
寄生の: kiseino: parasitic
寄生する: kiseisuru: be parasitic
寄生虫: kiseichuu: parasite worm <<<
寄生根: kiseikon: parasite root <<<
寄生物: kiseibutsu: parasite <<<
寄生動物: kiseidoubutsu: parasitic animal <<< 動物
寄生植物: kiseishokubutsu: parasitic plant <<< 植物
寄生生活: kiseiseikatsu: parasitic life <<< 生活


pronunciation: kisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: homecoming
帰省する: kiseisuru: go [come, return] home
帰省中: kiseichuu: be home for <<<
帰省列車: kiseiressha: train for homecoming passengers <<< 列車
check also: 帰京

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