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pronunciation: kitai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: body (of an airplane), fuselage


pronunciation: kitakaze , hokuhuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: north wind
check also: 南風


pronunciation: kitake
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: one's dress length
check also: サイズ


pronunciation: kitaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: homecoming, returning home
帰宅する: kitakusuru: go [come, return] home
帰宅の途につく: kitakunotonitsuku: make for home <<<
帰宅の途中で: kitakunotochuude: on one's way home <<< 途中


pronunciation: kitaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: deposition
寄託する: kitakusuru: deposit (a thing with a person), entrust (a person with a thing), commit (a thing) to the care (of)
寄託者: kitakusha: depositor, truster <<<
寄託物: kitakubutsu: deposit (n.) <<<
寄託金: kitakukin: deposit money <<<
寄託証書: kitakushousho: deposit certificate <<< 証書
check also: 委託


pronunciation: kitei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , sport
translation: prescription, regulation, provisions, stipulations
規定の: kiteino: regular, prescribed, ordained
規定通りの: kiteitoorino: prescribed, regulatory <<<
規定する: kiteisuru: provide, prescribe, ordain
規定に反する: kiteinihansuru: be against the rule <<<
規定を破る: kiteioyaburu: break [violate] the rule <<<
規定に従う: kiteinishitagau: comply with the rule <<<
規定料金: kiteiryoukin: regulation [standard] charge <<< 料金
規定種目: kiteishumoku: compulsory exercises [figures] <<< 種目
服装規定: hukusoukitei: dress code <<< 服装
職務規定: shokumukitei: office regulations [instructions], work rules <<< 職務
服務規定: hukumukitei: service regulations <<< 服務
check also: 規則


pronunciation: kiteki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train , ship
translation: steam whistle, siren, hooter
汽笛を鳴らす: kitekionarasu: whistle (v.), give [blow, sound] a steam whistle <<<
synonyms: 警笛 , サイレン


pronunciation: kiten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: starting point
起点とする: kitentosuru: start from
check also: 終点


pronunciation: kiten
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 気転
translation: wit, tact
機転の利く: kitennnokiku: quick-witted, ready-witted, tactful <<<
機転が利く: kitengakiku: be quick-witted [ready-witted, tactful], have quick wits
機転の利かない: kitennnokikanai: slow-witted, dull-witted
機転が利かない: kitengakikanai: be slow-witted [dull-witted], have slow wits
機転を利かす: kitennokikasu: take the hint
check also: 機知


pronunciation: kitoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , life
translation: critical illness
危篤の: kitokuno: dying, seriously ill, critical
危篤に陥る: kitokuniochiiru: fall into a dangerous condition <<<
危篤状態: kitokujoutai: critical condition <<< 状態
check also: 臨終

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