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pronunciation: meisou
kanji characters:
keyword: religion
translation: meditation, contemplation, musing
瞑想する: meisousuru: meditate, contemplate, muse on
瞑想的: meisouteki: meditative <<<
瞑想に耽る: meisounihukeru: be lost in deep contemplation


pronunciation: meitou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: fine [famous] sword


pronunciation: meiwaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: trouble (n.), annoyance, disturbance, nuisance
迷惑な: meiwakuna: troublesome, annoying
迷惑を掛ける: meiwakuokakeru: trouble (v.), annoy, disturb, bother <<<
迷惑する: meiwakusuru: be troubled, be annoyed
迷惑を被る: meiwakuokoumuru <<<
迷惑メール: meiwakumeeru: spam <<< メール , スパム
近所迷惑: kinjomeiwaku: nuisance to neighbors <<< 近所
synonyms: 厄介


pronunciation: meiyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: honor, credit, fame, reputation, glory
名誉な: meiyona: honorable, glorious
名誉有る: meiyoaru <<<
名誉を汚す: meiyookegasu: bring disgrace on, injure a person's honor [reputation], defame, distain <<<
名誉を貶める: meiyoootoshimeru <<<
名誉を重んじる: meiyooomonjiru: have a keen sense of honor <<<
名誉に思う: meiyoniomou: feel honored <<<
名誉心: meiyoshin: desire for fame, ambition <<<
名誉欲: meiyoyoku <<<
名誉毀損: meiyokison: defamation, libel
名誉市民: meiyoshimin: honorary citizen <<< 市民
名誉学位: meiyogakui: honorable degree <<< 学位
名誉教授: meiyokyouju: emeritus <<< 教授
不名誉: humeiyo: dishonor, stigma <<< , 汚名
synonyms: 栄誉


pronunciation: mejiri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: corner [tail] of the eye
目尻を下げる: mejiriosageru: make eye at <<<
目尻の皺: mejirinoshiwa: crow's-foot <<<


pronunciation: mejiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird , japan
translation: Japanese white-eye, Mejiro (station)
目白押し: mejirooshi: jammed (with), standing close side by side, jostling <<<
目白駅: mejiroeki: Mejiro Station (in Tokyo) <<<


pronunciation: mejirushi
kanji characters: ,
translation: sign, mark (n.), signpost, landmark
目印をする: mejirushiosuru: mark (v.), put a mark
目印を付ける: mejirushiotsukeru <<<


pronunciation: mekki
kanji characters:
other spells: メッキ
keyword: material
translation: plating, gilding
鍍金する: mekkisuru: plate, gild
鍍金が剥げる: mekkigahageru: The gilt comes off, show one's true colors <<<
金鍍金: kinmekki: gold plating <<<
金鍍金する: kinmekkisuru: plate with gold
銀鍍金: ginmekki: silver plating <<<
銀鍍金する: ginmekkisuru: plate with silver
亜鉛鍍金: aenmekki: galvanization <<< 亜鉛
亜鉛鍍金する: aenmekkisuru: zinck (v.), galvanize <<< 亜鉛
亜鉛鍍金の: aenmekkino: zincked, galvanized <<< 亜鉛
ニッケル鍍金: nikkerumekki: nickel plating <<< ニッケル
クロム鍍金: kuromumekki: chromium plating <<< クロム
クロム鍍金の: kuromumekkino: chrome-plated, chromium-plated <<< クロム


pronunciation: memai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 眩暈
keyword: disease
translation: giddiness, dizziness, vertigo
目眩がする: memaigasuru: be [feel] dizzy [giddy], One's head swims
目眩がする様な: memaigasuruyouna: vertiginous, breathtaking, dizzy, giddy <<<
目眩がする程に: memaigasuruhodoni: vertiginously <<<


pronunciation: memori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit
translation: graduation, scale
目盛をする: memoriosuru: graduate, mark (a thing) with degrees
目盛を付ける: memoriotsukeru <<<
目盛の付いた: memorinotsuita: graduated
目盛の有るめもりのある: <<<

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