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pronunciation: menbou
kanji characters: 綿 ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: applicator


pronunciation: menbou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: utensil
translation: rolling pin


pronunciation: mendori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird
translation: hen, female bird
antonyms: 雄鶏


pronunciation: mendou
kanji characters: ,
translation: trouble (n.), difficulty, bother (n.), care
面倒な: mendouna: troublesome, inconvenient, annoying
面倒臭い: mendoukusai, mendokusai <<<
面倒見る: mendoumiru: take care of <<<
面倒掛ける: mendoukakeru: trouble (v.), bother (v.), annoy <<<
面倒に成る: mendouninaru: get tired <<<
check also: 世話


pronunciation: menhukurou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: メンフクロウ
keyword: bird
translation: barn owl


pronunciation: menjo
kanji characters: ,
translation: exemption, remission, discharge (n.)
免除する: menjosuru: exempt, discharge (v.)
料金免除: ryoukinmenjo: remission of fees <<< 料金
課税免除: kazeimenjo: tax exemption <<< 課税
徴兵免除: chouheimenjo: exemption from conscription <<< 徴兵


pronunciation: menjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: diploma, license, certificate, permit
医師免状: ishimenjou: medical license <<< 医師
狩猟免状: shuryoumenjou: hunting license <<< 狩猟
教員免状: kyouinmenjou: teacher's certificate <<< 教員
卒業免状: sotsugyoumenjou: diploma <<< 卒業
check also: 免許


pronunciation: menkai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: meeting, interview, visit
面会する: menkaisuru: meet (someone), see
面会人: menkainin: visitor, caller <<<
面会日: menkaibi: at-home day, visiting day <<<
面会時間: menkaijikan: visiting hours <<< 時間
面会謝絶: menkaishazetsu: No visitors
check also: 面接 , インタビュー


pronunciation: menkyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration , education
translation: license (n.), permission
免許する: menkyosuru: license (v.), permit (v.)
免許状: menkyojou: license (n.), permit (n.), certificate, patent <<<
免許証: menkyoshou: driver license, permit <<<
免許料: menkyoryou: license fee <<<
無免許: mumenkyo: without license, unlicensed <<<
船長免許: senchoumenkyo: master's license <<< 船長
営業免許: eigyoumenkyo: franchise <<< 営業
開業免許: kaigyoumenkyo: license to practice <<< 開業
教員免許: kyouinmenkyo: teacher's certificate <<< 教員
運転免許: untenmenkyo: driver license <<< 運転
synonyms: 免状 , ライセンス


pronunciation: menneki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: immunity
免疫性: mennekisei <<<
免疫の: mennekino: immune
免疫にする: mennekinisuru: immunize
免疫学: mennekigaku: immunology <<<
免疫体: mennekitai: antibody <<< , 抗体
免疫期間: mennekikikan: period of immunity <<< 期間
免疫治療: mennekichiryou: immunotherapy <<< 治療
免疫療法: mennenkiryouhou <<< 療法

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