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pronunciation: minnyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: music
translation: folk song, ballad


pronunciation: minoue
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: one's fortune, one's personal history, one's past, one's station in life, one's lot, one's personal affairs
身の上を案じる: minoueoanjiru: be anxious about one's fate <<<
身の上話をする: minouebanashiosuru: tell the story of one's life, tell all about oneself <<<
身の上相談: minouesoudan: consultation on one's personal affairs <<< 相談
身の上相談する: minouesoudansuru: seek a person's advice on one's personal affairs
身の上相談欄: minouesoudanran: home-council [advice] columns <<<
身の上判断: minouehandan: fortunetelling <<< 判断
check also: 人生


pronunciation: minshu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: democracy
民主の: minshuno: democratic
民主的: minshuteki <<<
民主化: minshuka: democratization <<<
民主化する: minshukasuru: democratize
民主党: minshutou: democrat (party) <<<
民主党員: minshutouin: a Democrat <<<
民主国: minshukoku: democratic state, democracy <<<
民主国家: minshukokka <<< 国家
民主主義: minshushugi: democracy <<< 主義
民主政治: minshuseiji: democratic government <<< 政治


pronunciation: minshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: people, masses
民衆の: minshuuno: popular, folksy, demotic
民衆の敵: minshuunoteki: enemy of the people <<<
民衆芸術: minshuugeijutsu: folk art <<< 芸術
民衆心理: minshuushinri: mass psychology <<< 心理
民衆大会: minshuutaikai: moot, people's assembly, popular assembly, public meeting <<< 大会
check also: 大衆


pronunciation: minwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: folktale


pronunciation: minzoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , politics
translation: race, people, ethnic group
民族の: minzokuno: ethnic, racial
民族性: minzokusei <<<
民族学: minzokugaku: ethnology <<<
民族学者: minzokugakusha: ethnologist <<< 学者
民族主義: minzokushugi: nationalism <<< 主義
民族意識: minzokuishiki: national consciousness <<< 意識
民族自決: minzokujiketsu: racial self-determination
民族移動: minzokuidou: migration of peoples, mass migration <<< 移動
多民族: taminzoku: multiracial, multi-ethnic <<<
多民族国家: taminzokukokka: multiracial country (state) <<< 国家
少数民族: shousuuminzoku: minority race <<< 少数
原始民族: genshiminzoku: primitive [prehistoric] people <<< 原始
未開民族: mikaiminzoku: savage (people) <<< 未開
大和民族: yamatominzoku: Japanese race [people] <<< 大和
高地民族: kouchiminzoku: high-land tribe, highlander <<< 高地
海洋民族: kaiyouminzoku: maritime people <<< 海洋
騎馬民族: kibaminzoku: mounted nomads <<< 騎馬
ユダヤ民族: yudayaminzoku: Jewish people <<< ユダヤ
ラテン民族: ratenminzoku: Latin race <<< ラテン
インカ民族: inkaminzoku: Incas <<< インカ


pronunciation: minzoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: folkways, folk customs
民俗学: minzokugaku: folklore, ethnology <<<
民俗学者: minzokugakusha: folklorist, ethnologist <<< 学者
check also: 民族


pronunciation: miokuri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: send-off
見送り人: miokurinin: senders-off, well-wisher <<<
見送りに行く: miokuriniiku: see [send] (a person) off <<<


pronunciation: mippei
kanji characters: ,
translation: firm closing
密閉する: mippeisuru: close up tightly, shut closely


pronunciation: mippuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: hermetic seal [sealing]
密封する: mippuusuru: seal up [tightly]

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