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pronunciation: mubou
kanji characters: ,
translation: recklessness, thoughtlessness, imprudence
無謀な: mubouna: reckless, rash, thoughtless, imprudent
無謀にも: mubounimo: be so unreasonable [outrageous] as


pronunciation: mucha
kanji characters: ,
translation: absurdity, recklessness, thoughtlessness
無茶を言う: muchaoiu: talk nonsense <<<
無茶な: muchana: unreasonable, absurd, rash, reckless, thoughtless, excessive, immoderate, disorderly, confused, topsy-turvy
無茶苦茶な: muchakuchana
無茶苦茶に: muchakuchani: pell-mell, in confusion [disorder], blindly, rashly, recklessly
無茶苦茶にする: muchakuchanisuru: disorganize, disturb, rattle
無茶苦茶に食う: muchakuchanikuu: eat like a horse
synonyms: 滅茶


pronunciation: muchi
kanji characters: ,
translation: ignorance, darkness, illiteracy
無知の: muchino: ignorant, illiterate
無知な: muchina


pronunciation: muchuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love , amusement
translation: ecstasy, trance
夢中で: muchuude: in a trance
夢中に成る: muchuuninaru: forget oneself, fall for <<<
check also: 熱中


pronunciation: muda
kanji characters: ,
translation: futility, uselessness, waste (n.), wastefulness
無駄な: mudana: useless, no use, futile, wasteful
無駄に: mudani: uselessly, wastefully, vainly, in vain, to no purpose
無駄使い: mudaZukai: waste (n.) <<< 使
無駄使いする: mudaZukaisuru: waste (v.), spoil, throw [idle, fritter] away
無駄にする: mudanisuru
無駄にしない: mudanishinai: make good use of, make the most of, be frugal of
無駄を省く: mudaohabuku: avoid waste, economize <<<
無駄に成る: mudaninaru: prove fruitless, come to naught, be wasted <<<
無駄足: mudaashi: fool's errand <<<
無駄足を運ぶ: mudaashiohakobu: be a fool for one's pains, go on a fool's errand, make an unnecessary trip <<<


pronunciation: muen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: irrelevance
無縁の: muennno: without relatives, unrelated, irrelevant
無縁の墓: muennnohaka: neglected grave <<<
無縁墓地: muenbochi: potter's field <<< 墓地


pronunciation: mugai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: harmlessness, innoxiousness
無害な: mugaina: harmless, innocuous, innoxious
無害である: mugaidearu: be harmless, do no harm
check also: 有害


pronunciation: mugen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: infinity, eternity
無限の: mugennno: infinite, endless, unlimited, limitless, unbounded
無限に: mugennni: infinitely, boundlessly, endlessly, eternally
無限小: mugenshou: infinitesimal <<<
無限大: mugendai: infinite <<<
無限級数: mugenkyuusuu: infinite series
無限責任: mugensekinin: unlimited liability, unrestricted obligation <<< 責任
check also: 有限


pronunciation: mugicha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drink
translation: barley tea


pronunciation: mugiwara
kanji characters: ,
keyword: material , plant
translation: straw
麦藁帽: mugiwarabou: straw hat <<<
麦藁帽子: mugiwaraboushi <<< 帽子
麦藁細工: mugiwarazaiku: straw fancy goods, straw-work <<< 細工
check also: ストロー

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