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pronunciation: nimai
kanji characters: ,
translation: two leaves, double (n.)
二枚の: nimaino: two-leaved, double (a.)
二枚貝: nimaigai: bivalve shell [shellfish], clam <<<
二枚戸: nimaido: double door <<<
二枚目: nimaime: lover's part, beau <<<
二枚舌: nimaijita: double-tongue, lie (n.) <<<
二枚舌の: nimaijitano: double-tongued, devious, duplicitous
二枚舌を使う: nimaijitaotsukau: be double-tongued, tell a lie <<< 使
二枚屏風: nimaibyoubu: double-leaf screen <<< 屏風


pronunciation: nimono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: boiled food, dishes
煮物する: nimonosuru: boil (food)


pronunciation: nimotsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: baggage, luggage, parcel, burden
荷物を積む: nimotsuotsumu: load with things, load goods on to <<<
荷物を降ろす: nimotsuoorosu: unload, discharge <<<
荷物を預ける: nimotsuoazukeru: book one's luggage, check in one's luggage <<<
荷物室: nimotsushitsu: cargo compartment <<<
手荷物: tenimotsu: hand baggage <<<
check also: 小包 , 貨物


pronunciation: ningen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: human being, man, mortal, flesh and blood, character, mankind, humanity
人間の: ningennno: human, mortal
人間らしい: ningenrashii: manlike
人間らしい生活: ningenrashiiseikatsu: life worthy of man <<< 生活
人間嫌い: ningengirai: misanthropy, misanthropist <<<
人間並みの: ningennnamino: like the common run of men, ordinary, average <<<
人間性: ningensei: humanity, human nature <<<
人間性の無い: ningenseinonai: dehumanized <<<
人間味: ningenmi: humanity, human touch, milk of human kindness <<<
人間味の有る: ningenminoaru: humane, warmhearted <<<
人間業でない: ningenwazadenai: be beyond human power, be superhuman <<<
人間愛: ningennai: humanity, human love <<<
人間関係: ningeikankei: human relations <<< 関係
人間形成: ningenkeisei: character modeling <<< 形成
人間工学: ningenkougaku: human engineering <<< 工学
人間社会: ningenshakai: human society <<< 社会
土地の人間: tochinoningen: a native <<< 土地
平凡な人間: heibonnnaningen: man in the street, ordinary man <<< 平凡
透明人間: toumeiningen: The Invisible Man (a novel of HG. Wells) <<< 透明
瀕死の人間: hinshinoningen: dying person <<< 瀕死
植物人間: shokubutsuningen: person in a vegetative state, gork <<< 植物
クローン人間: kuroonnningen: clone man <<< クローン
check also: 人類


pronunciation: ningyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: legend
translation: mermaid, merman


pronunciation: ningyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: kids
translation: doll, puppet
人形の様な: ningyounoyouna: doll-like <<<
人形使い: ningyoutsukai: puppet operator, puppet-show man <<< 使
人形劇: ningyougeki: puppet play [show], marionette performance <<<
人形芝居: ningyoushibai <<< 芝居
蝋人形: rouningyou: wax doll <<<
日本人形: nihonnningyou: Japanese doll <<< 日本
郷土人形: kyoudoningyou: local doll <<< 郷土
武者人形: mushaningyou: doll warrior <<< 武者
五月人形: gogatsuningyou: dolls for boy's festival <<< 五月


pronunciation: ninja
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: ninja, ninjitsu practitioner
女忍者: onnnaninja: female ninja <<<
check also: 忍術 , Ninja


pronunciation: ninjin
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ニンジン
keyword: vegetable
translation: carrot
朝鮮人参: chousennninjin: ginseng <<< 朝鮮


pronunciation: ninjou
kanji characters: ,
translation: humaneness, sympathy, kindness, humanity, human nature
人情の有る: ninjounoaru: humane, kindhearted <<<
人情の無い: ninjounonai: coldhearted, heartless <<<
人情家: ninjouka: man of heart <<<
人情味: ninjoumi: human touch <<<
人情味溢れる: ninjoumiahureru: warmhearted, heart-warming <<<
人情の機敏: ninjounokibin: secrets of human nature <<< 機敏
synonyms: 同情 , 博愛
check also: 親切


pronunciation: ninjutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: martial art of ninja [invisibility]
忍術使い: ninjutsutsukai: ninja <<< 使 , 忍者
synonyms: 忍法
check also: Ninjutsu

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