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pronunciation: nandai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: difficult [hard] question, unreasonable [excessive] demand
難題を吹っ掛ける: nandaiohukkakeru: make an unreasonable demand (of a person), ask too much (of a person)
無理難題: murinandai: unreasonable demand <<< 無理
synonyms: 難問


pronunciation: nando
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: how many degrees, how often, how many times
何度も: nandomo: many times, again and again, over and over again, repeatedly, often
check also: 幾度


pronunciation: nanigoto
kanji characters: ,
translation: what, something, everything, nothing
何事にも: nanigotonimo: in all matters [things]
何事に付け: nanigotonitsuke: in every opportunity <<<
何事ですか: nanigotodesuka: What's the matter? What's going on?
何事も無く: nanigotomonaku: peacefully, without accident, without mishap <<<
何事が有ろうと: nanigotogaarouto: whatever [no matter what] may happen <<<
何事が起ろうと: nanigotogaokorouto <<<


pronunciation: nanimono
kanji characters: ,
translation: what (sort of) person, who
何者の仕業だろう: nanimononoshiwazadarou: Who has done it? <<< 仕業
彼は何者ですか: karehananimonodesuka: Who is he? What does he do (for living)? <<<
check also: 何方 ,


pronunciation: nankai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: unintelligibility, incomprehensibility
難解な: nankaina: difficult, hard, knotty
check also: 難問


pronunciation: nankai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: south sea
南海道: nankaidou: Nankaido Region (old name of actual Shikoku and Wakayama region) <<< , 四国 , 和歌山
南海諸島: nankaishotou: South China Sea Islands <<< 諸島
南海電鉄: nankaidentetsu: Nankai Electric Railway (private railway connecting Osaka with Wakayama prefecture) <<< 大阪 , 和歌山


pronunciation: nankin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: china
translation: Nanjing, Nankin
南京市: nankinshi: City of Nanjing <<<
南京虫: nankinmushi: bedbug <<<
南京袋: nankinbukuro: jute sack <<<
南京豆: nankinmame: peanut, monkey-nut <<<
南京玉: nankindama: glass bead <<<
南京錠: nankinjou: padlock <<<
南京事件: nankinjiken: incident of Nanjing <<< 事件


pronunciation: nankotsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: cartilage
軟骨の: nankotsuno: cartilaginous, gristly


pronunciation: nankou
kanji characters:
keyword: drug
translation: ointment, salve
軟膏を塗る: nankouonuru: apply ointment (for) <<<
水銀軟膏: suiginnnankou: mercurial ointment <<< 水銀
ペニシリン軟膏: penishirinnnankou: penicillin ointment <<< ペニシリン
check also: ポマード , クリーム


pronunciation: nankyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: South Pole, Antarctic (n.)
南極の: nankyokuno: Antarctic (a.)
南極星: nankyokusei: south polestar <<<
南極圏: nankyokuken: Antarctic Circle <<<
南極光: nankyokukou: aurora australis, southern lights <<<
南極大陸: nankyokutairiku: Antarctic Continent <<< 大陸
南極探検: nankyokutanken: Antarctic expedition <<< 探検
南極地方: nankyokuchihou: Antarctic Region <<< 地方
check also: 北極

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