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pronunciation: oozei
kanji characters: ,
translation: a large [great] number of people, masse of people, large crowd
大勢で: oozeide: in great numbers [force]
大勢の: oozeino: a large [great] number (of ), a host (of), many
大勢の家族: oozeinokazoku: large family <<< 家族
check also: 多数


pronunciation: oozora
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: (big) sky [skies], heavens, firmament, vault, welkin
大空に: oozorani: in the sky, overhead
check also: 天空


pronunciation: orei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: reward (n.), thanks, gratitude
御礼をする: oreiosuru: reward (v.), give a reward, remunerate, pay a fee
御礼に: oreini: in return for
御礼を述べる: oreionoberu: thank (v.), express one's thanks <<<
御礼を言う: oreioiu <<<
御礼参り: oreimairi: visit (of a temple) for thanksgiving, revenge call (by gangsters) <<<
満員御礼: manninonrei: thanks for fullness <<< 満員
check also: 感謝 , 謝意


pronunciation: origami
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 折り紙
keyword: amusement
translation: origami (colored paper for folding play), paper folding, guarantee (n.)
折紙をする: origamiosuru: fold paper into figures
折紙付きの: origamitsukino: certified, guaranteed, notorious <<<
折紙を付ける: origamiotsukeru: certify, guarantee (v.)
check also: Origami


pronunciation: orimono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fabric
translation: textile goods, textiles, cloth, fabric
織物の: orimonono: textile (a.)
織物商: orimonoshou: draper <<<
織物類: orimonorui: woven goods, fabrics, drapery <<<
織物工業: orimonokougyou: textile industry <<< 工業
織物産業: orimonosangyou <<< 産業
織物市場: orimonoshijou: cloth market <<< 市場
織物工場: orimonokoujou: textile factory <<< 工場
木綿織物: momenorimono: cotton fabrics <<< 木綿


pronunciation: orokamono , gusha
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 愚か者
translation: fool (n.), dunce
check also: 馬鹿


pronunciation: oroshigane
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 下し金
keyword: utensil
translation: grater
check also:


pronunciation: oroshiuri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: wholesale
卸売業: oroshiurigyou: wholesale business <<<
卸売価格: oroshiurikakaku: wholesale price <<< 価格
卸売業者: oroshiurigyousha: wholesaler, distributor <<< 業者
卸売市場: oroshiurishijou: wholesale market <<< 市場


pronunciation: osechi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese food
translation: Japanese New Year dishes
御節料理: osechiryouri <<< 料理
check also: 正月


pronunciation: oseji
kanji characters: , ,
other spells: お世辞
keyword: greeting
translation: compliment, flattery
御世辞に: osejini: in [as a, by way of] compliment
御世辞で: osejide
御世辞が良い: osejigaii: be affable [friendly] <<<
御世辞が巧い: osejigaumai: be very complimentary <<<
御世辞を言う: osejioiu: pay (a person) compliments, flatter, say pretty things <<<
御世辞抜きで: osejinukide: frankly speaking <<<
御世辞笑い: osejiwarai: compliment smile <<<
御世辞屋: osejiya: flatterer, smooth-tongue person <<<
synonyms: 愛想

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