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pronunciation: omei
kanji characters: ,
translation: dishonor, disgrace, stigma, stain on one's name
汚名を被る: omeiokoumuru: bring disgrace [a bad name] upon oneself, be stigmatized <<<
汚名を雪ぐ: omeiososogu: clear oneself of a charge, wipe off the disgrace <<<


pronunciation: omoide
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 想い出
keyword: life
translation: memory, remembrance, recollection, reminiscence
思い出す: omoidasu: remember, recollect, recall
思い出に耽る: omoidenihukeru: reminisce
思い出多い: omoideooi: full of memories, memorable <<<
check also: 記憶 , 回想 , 追憶


pronunciation: omoiyari
kanji characters: ,
translation: sympathy, consideration
思い遣の有る: omoiyarinoaru: sympathetic, considerate, kind <<<
思い遣の無い: omoiyarinonai: unsympathetic, inconsiderate, unkind <<<
思い遣る: omoiyaru: sympathize with, be considerate of
check also: 親切 , 同情


pronunciation: omokage
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: face, visage, image, trace, vestige
面影が有る: omokagegaaru: remind (a person) of <<<
check also: 思い出


pronunciation: omoshiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: interest, entertainment, amusement, fun
面白い: omoshiroi: interesting, entertaining, amusing, funny, pleasant, delightful, queer, odd, merry
面白く: omoshiroku: pleasantly, merrily, amusingly
面白がる: omoshirogaru: be amused (with, at), take delight (in), be interested (in), enjoy
面白がらせる: omoshirogaraseru: amuse, delight, entertain
面白そうな: omoshirosouna: interesting, attractive
面白そうに: omoshirosouni: with interest, delightfully, merrily
面白く無い: omoshirokunai: uninteresting, unpleasant, disagreeable, unsatisfactory, undesirable <<<
面白味: omoshiromi: interest, fun <<<
面白味の有る: omoshirominoaru: interesting <<<
面白味の無い: omoshirominonai: uninteresting, dry, dull <<<
面白半分に: omoshirohanbunnni: jokingly, for fun, partly for amusement <<< 半分
面白可笑しく: omoshirookashiku: comically
check also: 興味 , 滑稽 , 可笑し


pronunciation: onagawa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Onagawa
女川町: onagawachou: Town of Onagawa <<<
女川原発: onagawagenpatsu: Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant <<< 原発


pronunciation: onaka
kanji characters: ,
other spells: お腹
keyword: food , body
translation: foods (anc.), belly, abdomen, bowels, stomach
御腹が空く: onakagasuku: be hungry <<<
御腹が痛い: onakagaitai: have a pain in the stomach <<<
御腹の子: onakanoko: expected [coming] child <<<
御腹が大きい: onakagaookii: be pregnant, be with a child <<< , 妊娠
御腹が一杯: onakagaippai: have a full stomach, have had enough to eat <<< 一杯
synonyms: 腹部 ,


pronunciation: onbin
kanji characters: , 便
translation: peacefulness, easiness, secrecy, privacy
穏便な: onbinnna: peaceable, amicable, private
穏便に: onbinnni: peaceably, amicably, privately
穏便に済ます: onbinnnisumasu: settle (a matter) peaceably [in private, out of court] <<<
穏便に片付ける: onbinnnikataZukeru
check also: 内緒


pronunciation: onchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: music
translation: tone deafness
音痴の: onchino: tone-deaf
方向音痴: houkouonchi: lack of direction sense <<< 方向


pronunciation: onchou
kanji characters: , 調
keyword: music
translation: tune, tone, melody
音調の良い: onchounoii, onchounoyoi: euphonic, euphonious <<<
音調の悪い: onchounowarui: cacophonous <<<
synonyms: メロディー

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