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pronunciation: renritsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , physics
translation: coalition, simultaneity
連立の: renritsuno: simultaneous, of coalition
連立内閣: renritsunaikaku: coalition cabinet <<< 内閣
連立政権: renritsuseiken: coalition government <<< 政権
連立与党: renritsuyotou: ruling coalition government <<< 与党
連立方程式: renritsuhouteishiki: simultaneous equations <<< 方程式
check also: 同時


pronunciation: rensa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: chain, links
連鎖法: rensahou: sorites, chain rule <<<
連鎖店: rensaten: chain store, multiple shop <<<
連鎖反応: rensahannnou: chain reaction <<< 反応
連鎖球菌: rensakyuukin: streptococcus
check also: チェーン


pronunciation: rensai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: serialization
連載する: rensaisuru: publish [run] serially, serialize
連載される: rensaisareru: appear [be published] serially
連載小説: rensaishousetsu: serial novel <<< 小説


pronunciation: renshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , education
translation: training, exercise, practice
練習する: renshuusuru: exercise (v.), train
練習場: renshuujou: training ground <<<
練習所: renshuusho, renshuujo <<<
練習着: renshuugi: training suit, sweat suit, track suit <<<
練習機: renshuuki: training plane <<<
練習船: renshuusen: training ship <<<
練習曲: renshuukyoku: an étude <<<
練習生: renshuusei: student, apprentice <<<
練習帖: renshuuchou: exercise book, workbook <<<
練習問題: renshuumondai: an exercise <<< 問題
練習飛行: renshuuhikou: training flight <<< 飛行
練習不足: renshuubusoku: lack of exercises <<< 不足
練習試合: renshuujiai: training match <<< 試合
音階を練習する: onkaiorenshuusuru: do scales <<< 音階
synonyms: 演習 , ドリル


pronunciation: rentai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: solidarity
連帯の: rentaino: joint, collective
連帯で: rentaide: jointly (and severally)
連帯感: rentaikan: feeling of solidarity <<<
連帯債務: rentaisaimu: joint debt <<< 債務
連帯責任: rentaisekinin: joint responsibility <<< 責任
連帯保証: rentaihoshou: cosignatory act, joint guarantee <<< 保証
連帯保証人: rentaihoshounin: joint surety <<<
check also: 集団


pronunciation: rentai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: regiment
連隊の: rentaino: regimental
連隊長: rentaichou: regimental commander <<<
連隊旗: rentaiki: regimental colors <<<
近衛連隊: konoerentai: Imperial Guard Regiment <<< 近衛
歩兵連隊: hoheirentai: infantry regiment <<< 歩兵
check also: 師団 , 大隊 , 中隊 , 小隊


pronunciation: renzoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: continuance, continuity, continuation, succession, series, sequence
連続の: renzokuno: continuous, successive, serial, consecutive
連続する: renzokusuru: continue, succeed
連続的: nirenzokutekini: continuously, consecutively, successively <<<
連続小説: renzokushousetsu: serial story <<< 小説
連続講演: renzokukouen: series of lectures <<< 講演
連続番号: renzokubangou: serial number <<< 番号
連続番組: renzokubangumi: serial broadcast <<< 番組
連続ドラマ: renzokudorama: serial drama (play), soap opera <<< ドラマ
不連続: hurenzoku: discontinuity <<<


pronunciation: ressei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: inferiority, weakness, handicap, disadvantage
劣勢な: resseina: inferior, weak, unfavorable, handicapped, disadvantageous
劣勢の: resseino
check also: 優勢


pronunciation: ressei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: canonization
列聖する: resseisuru: canonize
check also: 聖人


pronunciation: ressha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: train
列車に乗る: resshaninoru: take [board] a train <<<
列車で行く: resshadeiku: go by train <<<
列車を降りる: resshaooriru: get off a train <<<
列車に遅れる: resshaniokureru: miss a train <<<
列車係: resshagakari: train dispatcher <<<
列車事故: resshajiko: train [railroad] accident, train crash <<< 事故
列車妨害: resshabougai: train obstruction <<< 妨害
武装列車: busouressha: armored train <<< 武装
通勤列車: tsuukinressha: commuter train <<< 通勤
臨時列車: rinjiressha: special train <<< 臨時
帰省列車: kiseiressha: train for homecoming passengers <<< 帰省
直通列車: chokutsuuressha: nonstop train <<< 直通
高速列車: kousokuressha: high-speed train <<< 高速
装甲列車: soukouressha: armored train <<< 装甲
一番列車: ichibanressha: the first train <<< 一番
回送列車: kaisouressha: out-of-service train, train on a siding <<< 回送
貨物列車: kamotsuressha: freight train <<< 貨物
最終列車: saishuuressha: the last train <<< 最終
旅客列車: ryokakuressha: passenger train <<< 旅客
直行列車: chokkouressha: through train <<< 直行
弾丸列車: danganressha: bullet-express train, flier <<< 弾丸
夜行列車: yakouressha: night train <<< 夜行
普通列車: hutsuuressha: slow [accommodation] train <<< 普通
始発列車: shihatsuressha: the first train <<< 始発
特急列車: tokkyuuressha: special [limited] express train <<< 特急
急行列車: kyuukouressha: express train <<< 急行
特別列車: tokubetsuressha: special train <<< 特別
快速列車: kaisokuressha: fast train <<< 快速
check also: 汽車

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