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pronunciation: roshutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: exposure
露出する: roshutsusuru: expose
露出した: roshutsushita: exposed
露出計: roshutsukei: light meter <<<
露出狂: roshutsukyou: exhibitionist <<<
露出症: roshutsushou: exhibitionism <<<
露出時間: roshutsujikan: time of exposure <<< 時間
露出過度: roshutsukado: overexposure <<< 過度
露出不足: roshutsubusoku: underexposure <<< 不足


pronunciation: roten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop
translation: street stall
露店を出す: rotennodasu: set up a street stall <<<
露店街: rotengai: open-air stall quarters <<<
露店商: rotenshou: stallkeeper, street vendor <<<
露店商人: rotenshounin <<< 商人


pronunciation: roua
kanji characters:
keyword: disease
translation: deaf-muteness
聾唖の: rouano: deaf-mute, deaf and dumb
聾唖者: rouasha: deaf and dumb person <<<
聾唖学校: rouagakkou: deaf-and-dumb school <<< 学校
check also: 難聴


pronunciation: roubai
kanji characters: ,
translation: flurry, panic, consternation, fluster, tailspin
狼狽する: roubaisuru: be panic-stricken, be upset, be disconcerted [confused], lose one's head, fluster
狼狽して: roubaishite: in a flurry, in a panic
synonyms: 動揺


pronunciation: roudoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: reading aloud, recitation
朗読する: roudokusuru: read aloud, recite
朗読会: roudokukai: public reading <<<
朗読者: roudokusha: reader, reciter <<<
朗読法: roudokuhou: elocution <<<


pronunciation: roudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , job
translation: physical work, labor (n.)
労働する: roudousuru: work (v.), labor (v.)
労働党: roudoutou: Labor Party <<<
労働省: roudoushou: Ministry of Labor <<<
労働者: roudousha: laborer, working man <<<
労働力: roudouryoku: manpower, labor force <<<
労働組合: roudoukumiai: labor union <<< 組合
労働市場: roudoushijou: labor market <<< 市場
労働運動: roudouundou: labor movement <<< 運動
労働階級: roudoukaikyuu: laboring (working) classes <<< 階級
労働時間: roudoujikan: working hours (time) <<< 時間
屋内労働: okunairoudou: indoor labor <<< 屋内
夜間労働: yakanroudou: night work <<< 夜間
家内労働: kanairoudou: domestic [household] labor <<< 家内
筋肉労働: kinnnikuroudou: physical work, muscle labor <<< 筋肉
知的労働: chitekiroudousha: brain work <<< 知的
頭脳労働: zunouroudou: brainwork <<< 頭脳
強制労働: kyouseiroudou: forced [compulsory] labor <<< 強制
check also: 勤労


pronunciation: rouei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: environment
translation: leakage, disclosure
漏洩する: roueisuru: leak (out), be let out, be revealed [disclosed, divulged]
機密漏洩: kimitsurouei: leakage of secrets <<< 機密


pronunciation: rougan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease , optics
translation: presbyopia
老眼の: rougannno: presbyopic
老眼鏡: rougankyou: spectacles for aged <<<
check also: 眼鏡


pronunciation: rougo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: one's old age, one's declining years
老後の楽しみ: rougonotanoshimi: consolation in one's old age <<<
老後に備える: rougonisonaeru: provide for [against] one's old age <<<
check also: 晩年


pronunciation: rouhi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: waste (n.), extravagance
浪費する: rouhisuru: waste (money, time), squander (away), spend (one's money) away
浪費家: rouhika: waster, spendthrift <<<
浪費者: rouhisha <<<
浪費癖: rouhiguse: spendthrift habits <<<

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