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pronunciation: ryuuchou
kanji characters:
translation: fluency, eloquence
流暢な: ryuuchouna: fluent, flowing, eloquent, smooth
流暢に: ryuuchouni: fluently
流暢に話す: ryuuchounihanasu: speak fluently <<<


pronunciation: ryuuchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird
translation: resident bird, sedentary bird, nonmigratory bird
antonyms: 渡り鳥


pronunciation: ryuudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: flow (n.), circulation
流動する: ryuudousuru: flow (v.), run, circulate
流動的: ryuudouteki: changing, moving, fluctuating <<<
流動性: ryuudousei: liquidity, fluidity <<<
流動体: ryuudoutai: liquid, fluid <<< , 液体
流動食: ryuudoushoku: liquid food [diet] <<<
流動資本: ryuudoushihon: circulating [floating] capital <<< 資本
流動資産: ryuudoushisan: current [floating] assets <<< 資産


pronunciation: ryuugaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: abroad study
留学する: ryuugakusuru: study abroad, go abroad for study
留学生: ryuugakusei: student from (in) a foreign country, foreign student <<<


pronunciation: ryuuhyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: drift ice, floe
check also: 氷山


pronunciation: ryuui
kanji characters: ,
translation: consideration, regard, deference
留意する: ryuuisuru: take care [notice] (of), pay attention (to)
check also: 注意


pronunciation: ryuuketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: bloodshed
流血の惨事: ryuuketsunosanji: affair of bloodshed, butchery <<< 惨事 , 虐殺


pronunciation: ryuukou , hayari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty , medicine
translation: fashion, vogue, craze, prevalence
流行の: ryuukouno: in fashion [vogue], fashionable, prevailing, popular, epidemic
流行する: ryuukousuru: be in fashion [vogue], prevail, be widespread [prevalent, prevailing]
流行させる: ryuukousaseru: bring into fashion [vogue], introduce a new fashion
流行に後れる: ryuukouniokureru: be behind fashion <<<
流行を追う: ryuukouoou: follow the fashion <<<
流行歌: ryuukouka, hayariuta: popular song <<<
流行型: ryuukougata: fashionable shape, up-to-date style <<<
流行語: ryuukougo: cant, word in fashion <<<
流行児: ryuukouji: popular figure <<<
流行色: ryuukoushoku: fashionable color <<<
流行地: ryuukouchi: infected area <<<
流行病: ryuukoubyou: epidemic disease, epidemic (n.), pandemic <<<
流行歌手: ryuukoukashu: singer of popular songs <<< 歌手
流行作家: ryuukousakka: popular writer <<< 作家
斬新な流行: zanshinnnaryuukou: the latest fashion <<< 斬新
風邪が流行る: kazegahayaru: Flu is raging <<< 風邪
最新流行: saishinryuukou: up-to-date [the latest] fashion <<< 最新
synonyms: ファッション


pronunciation: ryuusa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: quicksand, drift of sand


pronunciation: ryuusei , nagareboshi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 流れ星
keyword: astronomy
translation: shooting star, falling star, meteor
流星雨: ryuuseiu: meteoric [meteor] shower <<<
流星群: ryuuseigun <<<
流星塵: ryuuseijin: micrometeorites <<<
synonyms: 隕石

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