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pronunciation: rakkyou
other spells: ラッキョウ, 薤, 辣韮
keyword: vegetable
translation: scallion
辣韭漬: rakkyouZuke: pickled scallion <<<


pronunciation: rakuchaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: settlement, resolution
落着する: rakuchakusuru: be settled, come to a settlement, be brought to an end
落着を付ける: rakuchakuotsukeru: settle, resolve <<<
check also: 解決 , 始末


pronunciation: rakuda
other spells: ラクダ
keyword: animal
translation: camel
駱駝に乗る: rakudaninoru: mount [ride] a camel <<<
駱駝の瘤: rakudanokobu: camel's hump <<<


pronunciation: rakudai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: failure in an examination
落第する: rakudaisuru: fail (in an examination), flunk (an exam), be [get] plucked, be rejected
落第生: rakudaisei: a failure, repeater, plucked student <<<
落第点: rakudaiten: failing mark, failure mark <<<
落第品: rakudaihin: rejections, substandard goods, junk <<<
check also: 合格


pronunciation: rakuen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: paradise, heaven, Eden
楽園の様な: rakuennnoyouna: heavenly, paradisiacal <<<
失楽園: shitsurakuen: Paradise Lost <<<
check also: 天国


pronunciation: rakugaki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: graffiti, scribble (n.), scrawl (n.), scrabble
落書する: rakugakisuru: scribble (v.), scrawl (v.)


pronunciation: rakugo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: lag (n.)
落伍する: rakugosuru: drop behind [out of line], straggle, lag (v.)
落伍者: rakugosha: straggler, social failure <<<
check also: 失敗


pronunciation: rakugo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: (Japanese) comic monologue, rakugo
落語家: rakugoka: storyteller of rakugo <<<


pronunciation: rakujitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: setting sun
check also: 夕日


pronunciation: rakunou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: farming
translation: dairy farming
酪農業: rakunougyou <<<
酪農場: rakunoujou: dairy farm <<<
酪農家: rakunouka: dairy farmer <<<
酪農製品: rakunouseihin: dairy product <<< 製品

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