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pronunciation: shouki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: soberness, consciousness, right mind
正気の: shoukino: sane, sober
正気に返る: shoukinikaeru: recover consciousness, come round, come to (oneself) <<<
正気付く: shoukiZuku <<<
正気を失う: shoukioushinau: lose consciousness [one's senses], go mad <<< , 失神


pronunciation: shoukin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , amusement
translation: prize money, reward
賞金を賭ける: shoukinnokakeru: set [put] a prize <<<
賞金を出す: shoukinnodasu: offer a prize <<<
賞金を得る: shoukinnoeru: get [win] a prize <<<


pronunciation: shouko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: evidence, proof, demonstration, testimony
証拠と成る: shoukotonaru: prove, testify, bear witness to, give a proof of, demonstrate, attest <<<
証拠立てる: shoukodateru <<<
証拠固めをする: shoukogatameosuru: gather (collect) evidence <<<
証拠品: shoukohin: piece of evidence <<<
証拠物件: shoukobukken <<< 物件
証拠人: shoukonin: witness <<<
証拠金: shoukokin: deposit money <<<
証拠書類: shoukoshorui: documentary evidence <<< 書類
直接証拠: chokusetsushouko: direct proof <<< 直接
情況証拠: joukyoushouko: circumstantial evidence <<< 情況
check also: 証人


pronunciation: shoukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: (military) officer
将校団: shoukoudan: officer corps <<<
将校集会所: shoukoushuukaijo: officers' mess
現役将校: gennekishoukou: officer on the active list <<< 現役
連絡将校: renrakushoukou: liaison officer <<< 連絡
近衛将校: konoeshoukou: Guards officer <<< 近衛
参謀将校: sanboushoukou: staff officer <<< 参謀
高級将校: koukyuushoukou: senior officer <<< 高級
check also: 士官


pronunciation: shoukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: symptoms, sign (of)
症候群: shoukougun: syndrome <<<
症候学: shoukougaku: symptomatology <<<
中毒症候: chuudokushoukou: symptom of poisoning <<< 中毒
check also: 症状


pronunciation: shoukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , industry
translation: commerce [trade] and industry
商工業: shoukougyou <<<
商工会議所: shoukoukaigisho: Chamber of Commerce and Industry


pronunciation: shoukyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: computer
translation: elimination, erasure, deletion
消去する: shoukyosuru: eliminate, erase, efface, delete
消去法: shoukyohou: elimination (algorithm) <<<


pronunciation: shoukyoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: passivity, negativity, reticence, shyness
消極性: shoukyokusei: passivity <<<
消極的: shoukyokuteki: passive, negative, reticent, shy <<<
消極的概念: shoukyokutekigainen: negative concept <<< 概念
消極的態度: shoukyokutekitaido: passive attitude <<< 態度
消極的抵抗: shoukyokutekiteikou: passive resistance <<< 抵抗
消極政策: shoukyokuseisaku: negative policy <<< 政策
消極主義: shoukyokushugi: negativism <<< 主義
check also: 積極


pronunciation: shoukyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: rise [raise] in one's salary [pay]
昇給する: shoukyuusuru: get [have] a rise in one's salary, have one's salary [pay] increased
昇給させる: shoukyuusaseru: increase [raise] a person's salary
antonyms: 減給


pronunciation: shoumei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , show
translation: illumination, lighting
照明する: shoumeisuru: light up, illuminate
照明を当てる: shoumeioateru <<<
照明係: shoumeigakari: illuminator <<<
照明弾: shoumeidan: flare [light] bomb, star shell <<<
照明効果: shoumeikouka: lighting effects <<< 効果
照明装置: shoumeisouchi: lighting installation <<< 装置
照明器具: shoumeikigu <<< 器具
蛍光照明: keikoushoumei: fluorescent lighting <<< 蛍光
夜間照明: yakanshoumei: floodlight <<< 夜間
舞台照明: butaishoumei: stage illumination [lighting] <<< 舞台
直接照明: chokusetsushoumei: direct lighting <<< 直接
間接照明: kansetsushoumei: indirect lighting <<< 間接
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