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pronunciation: shounin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: witness, evidence
証人に立つ: shouninnnitatsu: bear witness, testify <<<
証人に成る: shouninnninaru <<<
証人席: shouninseki: witness stand, witness box <<<
証人台: shounindai <<<
証人尋問: shouninjinmon: questioning of the witness <<< 尋問
証人召喚: shouninshoukan: witness summons <<< 召喚
エホバの証人: ehobanoshounin: Jehovah's Witnesses <<< エホバ
check also: 証拠


pronunciation: shounin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , business
translation: merchant, dealer, trader, tradesman
商人の: shouninnno: mercantile, mercenary
商人根性: shouninkonjou: tradesman's [mercenary] spirit <<< 根性
商人道徳: shounindoutoku: tradesman's morality <<< 道徳
死の商人: shinoshounin: merchant of death, weapon trader <<<
奴隷商人: doreishounin: slave trader <<< 奴隷
薬草商人: yakusoushounin: herbalist <<< 薬草
近江商人: oumishounin: merchants from Omi region <<< 近江
悪徳商人: akutokushounin: wicked [dishonest] traders [dealers] <<< 悪徳
露店商人: rotenshounin: stallkeeper, street vendor <<< 露店
天性の商人: tenseinoshounin: born merchant <<< 天性
羊毛商人: youmoushounin: wool merchant <<< 羊毛
街頭商人: gaitoushounin: street trader [vendor] <<< 街頭
中間商人: chuukanshounin: middleman, broker <<< 中間
ベニスの商人: benisunoshounin: The Merchant of Venice (play of William Shakespeare, 1596-1598) <<< ベニス


pronunciation: shourai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , life
translation: future (n.), in the future
将来は: shouraiwa: in the future, henceforth, some day
将来の: shouraino: future (a.), prospective
将来の有る: shourainoaru: promising, with bright prospects <<<
将来有望な: shouraiyuubouna
将来に備える: shourainisonaeru: provide for the future <<<
将来を考える: shouraiokangaeru: think of the future <<<
将来性: shouraisei: prospect, possibilities <<<
近い将来に: chikaishouraini: in the near future <<<
遠い将来に: tooishouraini: in the distant [remote] future <<<
check also: 未来


pronunciation: shourei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: advertisement
translation: encouragement, promotion
奨励する: shoureisuru: encourage, give encouragement (to), promote, stimulate
奨励金: shoureikin: bounty, premium, subsidy <<<
奨励者: shoureisha: promoter, supporter <<<
退職奨励: taishokushourei: encouragement to retire <<< 退職
check also: 促進


pronunciation: shouri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , war
translation: victory, triumph (n.)
勝利する: shourisuru: win, triumph (v.)
勝利を得る: shourioeru <<<
勝利者: shourisha: winner, victor <<<
勝利投手: shouritoushu: winning pitcher <<< 投手
大勝利: daishouri: great [glorious, sweeping] victory <<<


pronunciation: shouryaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: omission, abbreviation, abridgment
省略する: shouryakusuru: omit, abbreviate, abridge
省略した: shouryakushita: omitted, abridged
省略語: shouryakugo: clipped word, abbreviation <<< , 略語
省略符: shouryakuhu: apostrophe <<<
省略文: shouryakubun: elliptical sentence <<<
省略法: shouryakuhou: ellipsis <<<
以下省略: ikashouryaku: The rest is omitted <<< 以下


pronunciation: shousa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: military rank
translation: major, lieutenant commander
check also: 大佐 , 中佐


pronunciation: shousai
kanji characters: ,
translation: detail, particular
詳細な: shousaina: detailed, full
詳細に: shousaini: in detail, fully, at length


pronunciation: shousan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 賞賛
translation: praise (n.), admiration, applause
称賛する: shousansuru: praise (v.), admire, speak highly [in high terms] (of)
称賛すべき: shousansubeki: praiseworthy, admirable, laudable
称賛に値する: shousannniataisuru: be worthy of praise, deserve admiration <<<
称賛を博する: shousannohakusuru: win the admiration (of) <<<
称賛の辞: shousannnoji: eulogy <<< , 賛辞


pronunciation: shousan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: nitric acid
硝酸塩: shousannen: nitrate <<<
硝酸銀: shousangin: common [lunar] caustic, silver nitrate <<<
硝酸カリウム: shousankariumu: potassium nitrate, saltpeter <<< カリウム

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