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pronunciation: shukkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: departure (of a ship from a port)
出港する: shukkousuru: leave port, sail, clear a port
出港手続: shukkoutetsuZuki: clearance formalities <<< 手続
出港手続をする: shukkoutetsuZukiosuru: clear a ship (at the customs house)
出港停止: shukkouteishi: embargo <<< 停止
出港停止を解く: shukkouteishiotoku: take off an embargo <<<
出港許可証: shukkoukyokashou: clearance permit
出港手数料: shukkoutesuuryou: clearance fee
check also: 船出


pronunciation: shukudai
kanji characters: 宿 ,
keyword: school
translation: homework, assignment
宿題をする: shukudaiosuru: do one's homework
宿題を出す: shukudaiodasu: set a homework <<<
宿題にする: shukudainisuru: reserve for future discussion
宿題帳: shukudaichou: workbook <<<


pronunciation: shukuen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fest
translation: fest, banquet
祝宴を催す: shukuennomoyoosu: hold [give] a banquet <<<
祝宴を開く: shukuennohiraku <<<
祝宴を張る: shukuennoharu <<<
check also: 宴会


pronunciation: shukuhai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: toast (for someone)
祝杯を上げる: shukuhaioageru: toast (v.), give the toast <<<
check also: 乾杯


pronunciation: shukuhaku
kanji characters: 宿 ,
keyword: travel
translation: stay (n.), lodging
宿泊する: shukuhakusuru: lodge, stay (v.)
宿泊客: shukuhakukyaku: guest <<<
宿泊人: shukuhakunin: guest, lodger, boarder <<<
宿泊場: shukuhakujou: one's lodgings, inn <<<
宿泊所: shukuhakujo <<<
宿泊券: shukuhakuken: billet <<<
宿泊設備: shukuhatsusetsubi: accommodations <<< 設備
宿泊施設: shukuhakushisetsu <<< 施設
宿泊料: shukuhakuryou: lodging charges, fees <<<
宿泊料金: shukuhakuryoukin <<< 料金


pronunciation: shukuhuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: blessing, benediction, beatitude
祝福する: shukuhukusuru: bless, beatify
祝福された: shukuhukusareta: blessed
祝福を受ける: shukuhukuoukeru: have sb's blessing <<<


pronunciation: shukujitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fest
translation: festival, anniversary, national holiday, public holiday
check also: 祭日


pronunciation: shukumei
kanji characters: 宿 ,
keyword: religion , fantasy
translation: karma, destiny, predestination, fate
宿命的: shukumeiteki: fatal, predestined <<<
宿命論: shukumeiron: fatalism <<<
宿命論者: shukumeironja: fatalist <<<
check also: 運命 , 因縁


pronunciation: shukushou
kanji characters: ,
translation: reduction, contraction, diminution, curtailment
縮小する: shukushousuru: reduce, contract, diminish, curtail
縮小形: shukushoukei: diminutive <<<
check also: 拡大


pronunciation: shukuteki
kanji characters: 宿 ,
keyword: war
translation: old enemy [foe]

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