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pronunciation: soshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: suit, lawsuit, action
訴訟に勝つ: soshounikatsu: win a suit <<<
訴訟に負ける: soshounimakeru: lose a suit <<<
訴訟を起こす: soshouookosu: go to law (against a person), sue a person (for damages), bring an action (against a person) <<<
訴訟上の: soshoujouno: procedural <<<
訴訟人: soshounin: plaintiff, suitor <<<
訴訟法: soshouhou: code of legal procedure <<<
訴訟沙汰にする: soshouzatanisuru: go to law (against a person) <<< 沙汰
訴訟行為: soshoukoui: acts of procedure <<< 行為
訴訟費用: soshouhiyou: costs of an action <<< 費用
訴訟事件: soshoujiken: legal case, lawsuit <<< 事件
訴訟手続: soshoutetsuZuki: legal proceedings (against a person) <<< 手続
訴訟手続をする: soshoutetsuZukiosuru: take legal proceedings (against a person)
訴訟代理人: soshoudairinin: counsel, attorney
訴訟依頼人: soshouirainin: client
訴訟当事者: soshoutoujisha: parties (to a lawsuit), litigants <<< 当事者
刑事訴訟: keijisoshou: criminal action [suit] <<< 刑事
行政訴訟: gyouseisoshou: administrative litigation <<< 行政
離婚訴訟: rikonsoshou: suit for divorce <<< 離婚
check also: 起訴 , 裁判


pronunciation: sotchoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: frankness, directness, openness, sincerity
率直な: sotchokuna: frank, direct, sincere, outright
率直に: sotchokuni: frankly
率直に話す: sotchokunihanasu: speak plainly (and frankly), call a spade a spade <<<
率直に言う: sotchokuniiu <<<
率直に言えば: sotchokuniieba: to be frank (candid) with you, frankly speaking, in plain words
率直な言葉: sotchokunakotoba: outspokenness <<< 言葉


pronunciation: sotchuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: apoplexy, cerebral paralysis
卒中性: sotchuusei: apoplectic (a.), apoplectical <<<
卒中性の人: sotchuuseinohito: apoplectic (n.) <<<
卒中の人: sotchuunohito
卒中を起こす: sotchuuookosu: suffer [have, be seized with] a stroke (of apoplexy) <<<
卒中に罹かる: sotchuunikakaru <<<
卒中で死ぬ: sotchuudeshinu: die of an apoplectic stroke <<<
卒中発作: sotchuuhossa: attack of apoplexy <<< 発作
脳卒中: nousotchuu: cerebral attack <<<


pronunciation: sotogawa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: outer side, outside (n.)
外側の: sotogawano: outside (a.), outer
外側から: sotogawakara: from without
antonyms: 内側


pronunciation: sotsugyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: graduation
卒業する: sotsugyousuru: graduate (v.)
卒業式: sotsugyoushiki: graduation ceremony <<<
卒業生: sotsugyousei: graduate (n.), alumnus <<<
卒業免状: sotsugyoumenjou: diploma <<< 免状
卒業証書: sotsugyoushousho <<< 証書
卒業試験: sotsugyoushiken: graduation examination <<< 試験
卒業論文: sotsugyouronbun: graduation thesis <<< 論文 , 卒論
卒業アルバム: sotsugyouarubamu: yearbook <<< アルバム
antonyms: 入学


pronunciation: sotsuron
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: graduation thesis


pronunciation: souba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , economy
translation: market price, quotation, speculation, estimation
相場が上がる: soubagaagaru: rise in price <<<
相場が下がる: soubagasagaru: fall in price <<<
相場で儲ける: soubademoukeru: make money by speculation <<<
相場師: soubashi: speculator, stockjobber <<<
相場表: soubahyou: list of quotations <<<
相場変動: soubahendou: price fluctuation, fluctuation of a market price <<< 変動
買い相場: kaisouba: buying rate <<<
売り相場: urisouba: selling rate <<<
株式相場: kabushikisouba: stock prices <<< 株式
公定相場: kouteisouba: official rate <<< 公定
為替相場: kawasesouba: exchange rate <<< 為替
先物相場: sakimonosouba: futures quotation <<< 先物
ドル相場: dorusouba: exchange rates of dollar <<< ドル


pronunciation: soubetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: farewell, send-off
送別の辞: soubetsunoji: farewell address <<<
送別の宴: soubetsunoutage: farewell dinner <<<
送別会: soubetsukai: farewell meeting [party] <<<
送別会を開く: soubetsukaiohiraku: give a farewell party <<<
synonyms: 告別


pronunciation: soubi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: equipment, outfit
装備する: soubisuru: equip (v.), mount
重装備: juusoubi: heavy equipment <<<
軽装備: keisoubi: light equipment <<<
synonyms: 武装 , 設備


pronunciation: souchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: device, contrivance, installation, plant, gadget
装置する: souchisuru: fit (equip) with, install, arrange
動力装置: douryokusouchi: power plant <<< 動力
冷蔵装置: reizousouchi: refrigeration plant <<< 冷蔵
発射装置: hasshasouchi: launcher <<< 発射
起動装置: kidousouchi: starter <<< 起動
再生装置: saiseisouchi: reproduction system <<< 再生
安全装置: anzensouchi: safety lock, safeguard <<< 安全
保温装置: hoonsouchi: thermostat <<< 保温
無線装置: musensouchi: radio [wireless] apparatus <<< 無線
駆動装置: kudousouchi: driving gear <<< 駆動
排気装置: haikisouchi: air escape <<< 排気
加速装置: kasokusouchi: accelerator <<< 加速
通気装置: tsuukisouchi: draft, ventilator <<< 通気
緩衝装置: kanshousouchi: shock absorber <<< 緩衝
乾燥装置: kansousouchi: drier, dryer, desiccator <<< 乾燥
変速装置: hensokusouchi: gearshift <<< 変速
記憶装置: kiokusouchi: computer memory <<< 記憶
減速装置: gensokusouchi: reduction gear <<< 減速
操舵装置: soudasouchi: steering gear <<< 操舵
歯車装置: hagurumasouchi: gear box (unit) <<< 歯車
送信装置: soushinsouchi: transmitter <<< 送信
舞台装置: butaisouchi: stage setting <<< 舞台
警報装置: keihousouchi: alarm <<< 警報
透析装置: tousekisouchi: dialyzer <<< 透析
換気装置: kankisouchi: ventilation system, ventilator <<< 換気
照明装置: shoumeisouchi: lighting installation <<< 照明
電離装置: denrisouchi: ionizer <<< 電離
暖房装置: danbousouchi: heating system <<< 暖房
冷房装置: reibousouchi: air conditioner, cooler <<< 冷房
着陸装置: chakurikusouchi: landing gear <<< 着陸
排出装置: haishutsusouchi: ejector <<< 排出
制御装置: seigyosouchi: controller <<< 制御
記録装置: kirokusouchi: recorder, recording device <<< 記録
点灯装置: tentousouchi: lightening system, ignition device, igniter <<< 点灯
誘導装置: yuudousouchi: guidance system <<< 誘導
冷却装置: reikyakusouchi: cooling device <<< 冷却
連動装置: rendousouchi: interlocking device, gear <<< 連動
真空装置: shinkuusouchi: vacuum device <<< 真空
浄化装置: joukasouchi: purifier <<< 浄化
通風装置: tsuuhuusouchi: ventilating device <<< 通風
安定装置: anteisouchi: stabilizer <<< 安定
防音装置: bouosouchi: soundproofing, silencer, sound arrester <<< 防音
レーダー装置: reedaasouchi: radar equipment [set] <<< レーダー
ステレオ装置: sutereosouchi: stereo set [equipment], hi-fi equipment <<< ステレオ

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