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pronunciation: sounen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: manhood, mature age, prime of (one's) life
壮年に達する: sounennnitassuru: reach manhood <<<
synonyms: 熟年


pronunciation: souon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: environment , audio
translation: noise
騒音を立てる: souonnotateru: make a noise <<<
騒音公害: souonkougai: noise nuisance [pollution], sound [audio] pollution <<< 公害
騒音防止: souonboushi: prevention of noise <<< 防止
町の騒音: machinosouon: street noise, city sounds, din and bustle of a city <<<
街の騒音: machinosouon <<<


pronunciation: souou
kanji characters: ,
translation: suitability, adequacy, adequateness, aptness
相応な: sououna: suitable, fit, suited (to), becoming, fitting, reasonable, fair, proportionate, considerable, adequate, appropriate
相応した: sououshita
相応する: souousuru: be suitable (to), suit, become, correspond (to)
相応しい: husawashii: suitable (to, for), becoming (to), worthy of, proper, become (one), be becoming (to one), suit (one)
相応しくない: husawashikunai: unsuitable, unbecoming, unworthy of
身分相応に: mibunsououni: within one's means <<< 身分
synonyms: 適当


pronunciation: souritsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: foundation, establishment, organization
創立する: souritsusuru: found, establish, set up, organize
創立者: souritsusha: founder, organizer <<<
創立総会: souritsusoukai: inaugural [first general] meeting
創立委員: souritsuiin: organizing committee <<< 委員
創立事務所: souritsujimusho: organizing office
創立記念日: souritsukinenbi: anniversary of the founding [establishment]
check also: 創業 , 設立


pronunciation: souryo
kanji characters:
keyword: buddhism
translation: monk, priest, bonze
synonyms: 坊主


pronunciation: souryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: postage, shipping [transport, transportation] fee
送料代: souryoudai <<<
送料無料: souryoumuryou: free shipping, free postage <<< 無料
送料先払い: souryousakibarai: postage due
送料支払済み: souryoushiharaizumi: postage paid


pronunciation: sousa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry , technology
translation: manipulation, operation
操作する: sousasuru: manipulate, operate
自動操作: jidousousa: automatic operation <<< 自動


pronunciation: sousa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: criminal investigation
捜査する: sousasuru: investigate (a case), search
捜査係: sousagakari: police detective <<<
捜査課: sousaka: criminal investigation section <<<
捜査網: sousamou: dragnet investigation <<<
捜査線: sousasen: network of police search <<<
捜査本部: sousahonbu: investigation headquarters <<< 本部
捜査主任: sousashunin: chief investigator <<< 主任
犯罪捜査: hanzaisousa: criminal investigation <<< 犯罪
強制捜査: kyouseisousa: compulsory investigation, forcible search <<< 強制
check also: 捜索


pronunciation: sousai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , job
translation: president (of a big organization), governor
副総裁: hukusousai: vice-president <<<


pronunciation: sousaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: search (n.), investigation
捜索する: sousakusuru: search (v.), investigate, hunt
捜索隊: sousakutai: search party <<<
捜索権: sousakuken: right of search <<<
捜索願: sousakunegai: demand for the search of a missing person <<<
捜索令状: sousakureijou: search warrant
check also: 捜査

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