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pronunciation: sousou
kanji characters:
keyword: time
translation: early, immediately, quickly, promptly, without delay, as soon [quickly] as possible, in haste
草々に: sousouni
草々に退散する: sousounitaisansuru: go away in haste


pronunciation: soutai
kanji characters: , 退
keyword: school
translation: earlier leave of school [the office] than usual
早退する: soutaisuru: leave school [the office] earlier than usual


pronunciation: soutai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: relativity
相対性: soutaisei <<<
相対性理論: soutaiseiriron: theory of relativity <<< 理論
相対性原理: soutaiseigenri: principle of relativity <<< 原理
相対主義: soutaishugi: relativism <<< 主義
相対的: soutaiteki: relative <<<
相対的に: soutaitekini: relatively
相対価値: soutaikachi: relative value <<< 価値
相対評価: soutaihyouka: relative evaluation <<< 評価
check also: 比較


pronunciation: soutei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: binding, setup, designing
装丁する: souteisuru: bind, design


pronunciation: soutei
kanji characters: ,
translation: hypothesis, supposition, estimation
想定する: souteisuru: suppose, imagine, estimate
想定的: souteiteki: imaginary, hypothetic <<<
想定外: souteigai: unexpected <<<
synonyms: 仮定


pronunciation: soutou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: president, fuehrer, generalissimo
総統府: soutouhu: president's office <<<


pronunciation: soutou
kanji characters: ,
translation: adequacy, appropriateness, aptness, fittingness
相当な: soutouna: considerable, pretty, substantial, decent, respectable
相当に: soutouni: fairly, pretty, rather, considerably, tolerably
相当する: soutousuru: correspond, fit, contain, be equivalent
相当困っている: soutoukomatteiru: be rather hard up <<<
相当遠い: soutoutooi: rather far <<<
相当の報酬: soutounohoushuu: worthy (due) reward <<< 報酬
相当な家庭: soutounakatei: respectable (decent) family <<< 家庭
相当の理由: soutounoriyuu: sufficient (good) reason <<< 理由


pronunciation: souzai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 惣菜
keyword: food
translation: daily [common] dishes
御総菜: osouzai <<<
総菜料理: souzairyouri: family cooking <<< 料理
check also: 御数


pronunciation: souzoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life , history
translation: inheritance, succession
相続する: souzokusuru: inherit, succeed
相続争い: souzokuarasoi: quarrel over succession <<<
相続権: souzokuken: right of succession [inheritance], heirship <<<
相続税: souzokuzei: inheritance tax, death duty <<<
相続人: souzokunin: heir, heiress (f.), successor <<<
相続法: souzokuhou: law of succession <<<
相続物: souzokubutsu: heirloom <<<
相続財産: souzokuzaisan: an inheritance, heritage, inherited property <<< 財産
相続契約: souzokukeiyaku: contract of inheritance <<< 契約
相続順位: souzokujunni: order of succession <<< 順位
遺産相続: isansouzoku: succession (of heritage) <<< 遺産
限定相続: genteisouzoku: qualified acceptance of heritage <<< 限定
財産相続: zaisansouzoku: succession to a property <<< 財産


pronunciation: souzou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: imagination, fancy (n.), conjecture, supposition, surmise, guess
想像する: souzousuru: imagine, fancy (v.), suppose, surmise, guess
想像の: souzouno: imaginary, supposed
想像上の: souzoujouno <<<
想像に耽る: souzounihukeru: give way to the imagination
想像力: souzouryoku: imaginative power <<<
想像力に富む: souzouryokunitomu: imaginative <<<
想像画: souzouga: fancy [imaginative] picture <<<
check also: 仮定

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