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pronunciation: suii
kanji characters: ,
translation: transition, change, development, evolution
推移する: suiisuru: change, undergo a change [transition], develop, evolve, shift
synonyms: 変化 , 変動


pronunciation: suiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: cooking, kitchen work
炊事する: suijisuru: cook, do cooking
炊事係: suijigakari: cock <<< , コック
炊事夫: suijihu <<<
炊事婦: suijihu: cock (f.) <<<
炊事場: juijiba: kitchen <<<
炊事道具: suijidougu: cooking utensils <<< 道具
炊事設備: suijisetsubi: cooking equipment <<< 設備
check also: 料理


pronunciation: suijou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: on the water
水上の: suijouno
水上運送: suijouunsou: transportation by water <<< 運送
水上運輸: suijouunnyu <<< 運輸
水上交通: suijoukoutsuu: water traffic <<< 交通
水上競技: suijoukyougi: water [aquatic] sports, aquaties <<< 競技
水上競技会: suijoukyougikai: swimming meet <<<
水上警察: suijoukeisatsu: water police <<< 警察
水上生活: suijouseikatsu: living on the water <<< 生活
水上選手権: suijousenshuken: swimming championship
水上機: suijouki: hydroplane, seaplane, water plane <<<
水上飛行機: suijouhikouki
水上ショー: suijoushoo: aquacade <<< ショー
水上スキー: suijousukii: water skiing, water skis <<< スキー
水上スポーツ: suijousupootsu: water sports <<< スポーツ


pronunciation: suijun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , education
translation: level
水準器: suijunki: (water) level <<<
水準線: suijunsen: contour line <<<
水準面: suijunmen: contour surface <<<
水準測量: suijunsokuryou: leveling, plane survey <<< 測量
水準曲線: suijunkyokusen: contour curve <<< 曲線
水準交差: suijunkousa: contour crossing <<< 交差
高水準: kousuijun: high level <<<
低水準: teisuijun: low level <<<
生活水準: seikatsusuijun: living standard <<< 生活
物価水準: bukkasuijun: price level <<< 物価
給与水準: kyuuyosuijun: wage level <<< 給与
金利水準: kinrisuijun: interest rate level <<< 金利
所得水準: shotokusuijun: income level <<< 所得
賃金水準: chinginsuijun: wage level <<< 賃金
check also: レベル


pronunciation: suika
kanji characters: 西 ,
other spells: スイカ
keyword: fruit
translation: watermelon


pronunciation: suikei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature , geography
translation: drainage [water] system
check also: 河川


pronunciation: suikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: execution, accomplishment
遂行する: suikousuru: execute, carry out, perform, accomplish
職務遂行: shokumusuikou: performance of one's duties <<< 職務


pronunciation: suima
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: sleepiness, drowsiness, sandman
睡魔に襲われる: suimaniosowareru: become [feel] sleepy <<<


pronunciation: suimen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: surface [level] of the water
水面上: suimenjou: above water <<<
水面下: suimenka: underwater, below water <<<
水面に浮ぶ: suimennniukabu: float on the surface of water <<<
水面に浮び上る: suimennniukabiagaru: rise to the surface, surface (v.)
check also: 海面


pronunciation: suimin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: sleep (n.)
睡眠する: suiminsuru: sleep (v.), have a sleep
睡眠を取る: suiminnotoru <<<
睡眠が足りない: suimingatarinai: do not sleep well <<<
睡眠を妨げる: suiminnosamatageru: disturb one's sleep <<<
睡眠が浅い: suimingaasai: have a light sleep <<<
睡眠病: suiminbyou: sleeping sickness <<<
睡眠剤: suiminzai: sleeping drug [tablet] <<<
睡眠薬: suiminnyaku: sleeping drug <<<
睡眠時間: suiminjikan: hours of sleep, sleeping hours <<< 時間
睡眠不足: suiminbusoku: insufficient sleep <<< 不足
check also: , 催眠

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