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pronunciation: sansaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: roam (n.), ramble, stroll, promenade
散策する: sansakusuru: roam (v.), ramble, stroll, promenade
synonyms: 散歩 , 逍遥


pronunciation: sansei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: acidity
酸性の: sanseino: acid, sour
酸性にする: sanseinisuru: acidify
酸性化: sanseika: acidification <<<
酸性反応: sanseihannnou: acid reaction <<< 反応
check also: アルカリ


pronunciation: sansei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: agreement, acceptance
賛成する: sanseisuru: agree, accept
賛成を求める: sanseiomotomeru: ask a person's approval <<<
賛成を得る: sanseioeru: obtain (win) a person's approval <<<
賛成側: sanseigawa: affirmative side <<<
賛成者: sanseisha: supporter, seconder <<<
賛成投票: sanseitouhyou: approval ballot <<< 投票
賛成演説: sanseienzetsu: speech in support of <<< 演説
check also: 反対


pronunciation: sansen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: participation in the war
参戦する: sansensuru: enter [join, participate in] the war


pronunciation: sanshoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: encroachment, invasion, inroad
蚕食する: sanshokusuru: encroach, make inroads


pronunciation: sanshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: three-color, tricolor
三色の: sanshokuno: three-colored, trichromic
三色旗: sanshokki: three-colored flag, French flag <<<
三色刷り: sanshokuzuri: three-color process [printing] <<<
三色版: sanshokuban <<<


pronunciation: sanshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: three meals (a day)


pronunciation: sanshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: reference, comparison
参照する: sanshousuru: refer to, compare (with), consult, see
参照せよ: sanshouseyo: see, vide (vid.), confer
check also: 比較


pronunciation: sanshou
kanji characters:
keyword: plant , animal
translation: Japanese pepper
山椒魚: sanshouuo: salamander <<<
大山椒魚: oosanshouuo: Japanese giant salamander, Andrias japonicus <<<


pronunciation: sanso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: oxygen
酸素吸入: sansokyuunyuu: oxygen inhalation <<< 吸入
酸素吸入器: sansokyuunyuuki: oxygen inhaler <<<
酸素溶接: sansoyousetsu: oxyacetylene welding <<< 溶接
酸素化合物: sansokagoubutsu: oxygen compound, oxide
液体酸素: ekitaisanso: liquid oxygen <<< 液体

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