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pronunciation: satsuma
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan , vegetable
translation: old name of southern Kyushu region
薩摩国: satsumanokuni <<<
薩摩揚げ: satsumaage: fried fish ball <<<
薩摩芋: satsumaimo: sweet potato <<<
薩摩焼: satsumayaki: Satsuma ware <<<
薩摩半島: satsumahantou: Satsuma Peninsula <<< 半島
check also: 鹿児島


pronunciation: satsuryaku
kanji characters:
keyword: crime
translation: slaughter (n.), massacre, carnage
殺戮する: satsuryakusuru: slaughter (v.), massacre, butcher
check also: 虐殺


pronunciation: sattou
kanji characters: ,
translation: rush (n.), stampede
殺到する: sattousuru: make a rush (for a place), throng to (a place), pour [rush] in, stampede
申込殺到: moushikomisattou: Applications are pouring in <<< 申込
check also: ラッシュ


pronunciation: sayoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: left wing, left field, leftist, left-winger
左翼の: sayokuno: leftist
左翼的: sayokuteki <<<
左翼手: sayokushu: left fielder (in baseball) <<<
左翼団体: sayokudantai: leftist [left-wing] organization <<< 団体
左翼分子: sayokubunshi: left-wing element <<< 分子
新左翼: shinsayoku: new left, new leftist <<<
check also: 右翼


pronunciation: sayou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , medicine
translation: action, operation, process
作用する: sayousuru: act, operate, function (v.)
作用範囲: sayouhanni: working realm <<< 範囲
副作用: hukusayou: side effect <<<
反作用: hansayou: reaction <<<
消化作用: shoukasayou: digestive process <<< 消化
分解作用: bunkaisayou: disintegration <<< 分解
梃子の作用: tekonosayou: leverage, purchase <<< 梃子
反射作用: hanshasayou: reflex action <<< 反射
解毒作用: gedokusayou: detoxification (process) <<< 解毒
緩衝作用: kanshousayou: regulatory action <<< 緩衝
生殖作用: seishokusayou: generative process <<< 生殖
排泄作用: haisetsusayou: excretory process <<< 排泄
相互に作用する: sougonisayousuru: interact <<< 相互
相互作用: sougosayou: reciprocal action, interaction <<< 相互
還元作用: kangensayou: reducing process <<< 還元
同化作用: doukasayou: process of assimilation <<< 同化
交互作用: kougosayou: interaction, reciprocal action <<< 交互
補償作用: hoshousayou: compensation (action) <<< 補償
堆積作用: taisekisayou: sedimentation <<< 堆積
感応作用: kannnousayou: induction <<< 感応
浸食作用: shinshokusayou: erosion, erosive action <<< 浸食
浸透作用: shintousayou: osmotic action <<< 浸透
心理作用: shinrisayou: mental process <<< 心理
自動作用: jidousayou: automatic action <<< 自動


pronunciation: sayou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: yes, indeed, exactly, precisely, that's right (anc.), well, let me see, let's see, such, like that
左様なら: sayounara, sayonara: good-bye, farewell, adieu, so long


pronunciation: sayuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: right and left
左右に: sayuuni: on right and left, on both sides [either side], from side to side
左右する: sayuusuru: dominate, sway, control
左右される: sayuusareru: be under the influence, be subject to sth., be depending on
左右を見る: sayuuomiru: look right and left, glance about <<<
言を左右にする: gennosayuunisuru: beat about the bush, dodge, make excuses, prevaricate <<<


pronunciation: sazae
kanji characters: ,
other spells: サザエ
keyword: fish
translation: turbo, top shell
栄螺の壷焼: sazaenotsuboyaki: top shell cooked in its own shell


pronunciation: sazanami
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 小波
keyword: sea
translation: ripples (n.), rippling waves, wavelets
細波が立つ: sazanamigatatsu: ripple (v.), ruffle <<<


pronunciation: sazanka
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: flower
translation: Camellia sasanqua

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