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pronunciation: seibutsu , ikimono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , nature
translation: life, living thing, organism
生物学: seibutsugaku: biology <<<
生物学の: seibutsugakuno: biological
生物学的: seibutsugakuteki <<<
生物界: seibutsukai: biosphere, biological world <<<
生物学者: seibutsugakusha: biologist <<< 学者
生物化学: seibutsukagaku: biochemistry <<< 化学
生物工学: seibutsukougaku: biotechnics <<< 工学
生物兵器: seibutsuheiki: biological weapon <<< 兵器
生物測定学: seibutsusokuteigaku: biometrics, biometry
微生物: biseibutsu: microbe, microorganism <<<
check also: 生命 , バイオ


pronunciation: seichi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: land readjustment, soil preparation
整地する: seichisuru: readjust the land, prepare the soil


pronunciation: seichou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , life
translation: growth
成長する: seichousuru: grow up, be brought up
成長した: seichoushita: grown
成長株: seichoukabu: growth stock <<<
成長率: seichouritsu: growth rate <<<
成長ホルモン: seichouhorumon: growth hormone <<< ホルモン
経済成長: keizaiseichou: economic growth <<< 経済
高度成長: koudoseichou: high economic growth <<< 高度
ゼロ成長: zeroseichou: zero growth <<< ゼロ
プラス成長: purasuseichou: plus growth <<< プラス


pronunciation: seichou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 静聴
keyword: greeting
translation: kind attention
御清聴: goseichou <<<
御清聴を感謝します: goseichouokanshashimasu: Thank you very much for your kind attention <<< 感謝
御清聴を感謝致します: goseichouokanshaitashimasu


pronunciation: seichuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: insect
translation: imago
check also: 幼虫


pronunciation: seidai
kanji characters: ,
translation: splendor
盛大な: seidaina: prosperous, flourishing, splendid, successful
盛大な葬儀: seidainasougi: impressive funeral with a large attendance <<< 葬儀
盛大に: seidaini: splendidly, with splendor, on a grand scale
盛大に祝う: seidainiiwau: celebrate with great pomp <<<
check also: 繁盛


pronunciation: seido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: institution, regime, system
制度上: seidojou: institutional <<<
制度化: seidoka: institutionalization <<<
旧制度: kyuuseido: old system, ancient regime <<<
議会制度: gikaiseido: parliamentary system <<< 議会
単位制度: tanniseido: accrediting system <<< 単位
奴隷制度: doreiseido: slavery <<< 奴隷
封建制度: houkenseido: feudal system <<< 封建
学校制度: gakkouseido: school system <<< 学校
医療制度: iryouseido: medical care system <<< 医療
小作制度: kosakuseido: tenancy system <<< 小作
家族制度: kazokuseido: family system <<< 家族
保健制度: hokenseido: health system <<< 保健
配給制度: haikyuuseido: distribution [rationing] system <<< 配給
連邦制度: renpouseido: federalism <<< 連邦
割当制度: wariateseido: quota system <<< 割当
教育制度: kyouikuseido: educational system <<< 教育
憲法制度: kenpouseido: constitutional system <<< 憲法
貨幣制度: kaheiseido: monetary system <<< 貨幣
徴兵制度: chouheiseido: conscription system <<< 徴兵
申告制度: shinkokuseido: report [return] system <<< 申告
階級制度: kaikyuuseido: class [caste] system <<< 階級
check also: 体制


pronunciation: seido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: precision, degree of accuracy
check also: 正確


pronunciation: seidou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: sanctuary, chapel, temple of Confucius
聖堂の騎士: seidounokishi: templar <<< 騎士
大聖堂: daiseidou: cathedral <<<
check also: 教会


pronunciation: seidou
kanji characters: ,
translation: right road, path of righteousness
正道を踏み外す: seidouohumihazusu: stray from the right path
正道を外れる: seidouohazureru <<<
正道に立ち帰らせる: seidounitachikaeraseru: lead (a person) back to the right way

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