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pronunciation: seidou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: material
translation: bronze (n.)
青銅の: seidouno: bronze (n.)
青銅器: seidouki: bronze article [item, tool] <<<
青銅器時代: seidoukijidai: Bronze Age <<< 時代
synonyms: ブロンズ


pronunciation: seiei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: the pick [best] (of), the flower (of), elite
精鋭の: seieino: selected, picked, crack
精鋭部隊: seieibutai: picked troops, crack unit <<< 部隊


pronunciation: seieki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , sex
translation: semen, sperm
check also: 精子


pronunciation: seigaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: music
translation: vocal music
声楽家: seigakuka: vocalist, singer <<< , 歌手
声楽科: seigakuka: vocal music course <<<


pronunciation: seigan
kanji characters: ,
translation: petition, application
請願する: seigansuru: petition (v.), submit [present] a petition, apply (for), file a petition
請願者: seigansha: petitioner <<<
請願書: seigansho: written petition <<<
synonyms: 哀願 , 申請


pronunciation: seigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: restriction, limitation, limit (n.), restraint
制限する: seigensuru: restrict, limit (v.), restrain
制限を受ける: seigennoukeru: be subject to restriction <<<
無制限: museigen: unlimited, unrestricted <<<
制限無く: seigennnaku
制限速度: seigensokudo: speed limit <<< 速度
制限時間: seigenjikan: time limit, restricted hours <<< 時間
制限区域: seigenkuiki: restricted area <<< 区域
年齢制限: nenreiseigen: age limit <<< 年齢
電力制限: denryokuseigen: power limitation <<< 電力
漢字制限: kanjiseigen: limitation in the use of Chinese characters <<< 漢字
入国制限: nyuukokuseigen: immigration restrictions <<< 入国
給水制限: kyuusuiseigen: restricted [reduced] supply of water <<< 給水
速度制限: sokudoseigen: speed restriction <<< 速度
操業制限: sougyouseigen: output restriction <<< 操業
輸入制限: yunyuuseigen: import restriction <<< 輸入
出産制限: shussanseigen: birth control <<< 出産
スピード制限: supiidoseigen: speed limit <<< スピード
check also: 限定


pronunciation: seigi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: moral
translation: righteousness, justice
正義の: seigino: righteous, just
正義の為に: seiginotameni: in the cause [for the sake] of justice <<<
正義の戦い: seiginotatakai: righteous war <<<
正義感: seigikan: sense of justice <<<
正義感が強い: seigikangatsuyoi: have a strong sense of justice <<<
力は正義なり: chikarahaseiginari: Might is right <<<


pronunciation: seigyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: control (n.), rein (n.)
制御する: seigyosuru: control (v.), govern, rein
制御し易い: seigyoshiyasui: easy to control <<<
制御し難い: seigyoshigatai: uncontrollable, unmanageable, hard to control <<<
制御を失う: seigyooushinau: lose control of, get out of one's hand <<<
制御室: seigyoshitsu: control room <<<
制御盤: seigyoban: control board <<<
制御棒: seigyobou: control rod <<<
制御装置: seigyosouchi: controller <<< 装置
制御キャビネット: seigyokabinetto: control cabinet
自動制御: jidouseigyo: servomechanism <<< 自動
コンピューター制御: konpyuutaaseigyo: computer control <<< コンピューター
synonyms: コントロール


pronunciation: seigyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fish
translation: raw fish, fresh fish, live fish


pronunciation: seiha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: conquest, domination, supremacy
制覇する: seihasuru: conquer, dominate, win the championship (of)
synonyms: 征服

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