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pronunciation: seimei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , nature , medicine
translation: life, soul
生命の有る: seimeinoaru: animate, living <<<
生命の無い: seimeinonai: inanimate, dead <<<
生命を失う: seimeioushinau: lose one's life <<<
生命を狙う: seimeionerau: seek (attempt) the life of someone <<<
生命を賭けて: seimeiokakete: at the risk (hazard) of one's life <<<
生命に関わる: seimeinikakawaru: dangerous to life, life-threatening, extremely dangerous, perilous <<<
生命線: seimeisen: life line <<<
生命保険: seimeihoken: life insurance <<< 保険
生命財産: seimeizaisan: life and property <<< 財産
永遠の生命: eiennnoseimei: eternal life <<< 永遠
check also: 生物


pronunciation: seimei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: declaration, announcement, statement
声明する: seimeisuru: declare, announce
声明を発表する: seimeiohappyousuru: issue a statement (on) <<< 発表
声明書: seimeisho: a public statement <<<
抗議声明: kougiseimei: protest statement <<< 抗議
公式声明: koushikiseimei: official statement <<< 公式
爆弾声明: bakudanseimei: bombshell declaration <<< 爆弾
共同声明: kyoudouseimei: joint statement <<< 共同
重大声明: juudaiseimei: momentous announcement <<< 重大


pronunciation: seimei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: name
translation: full name
姓名を告げる: seimeiotsugeru: give one's name <<<
姓名を偽る: seimeioitsuwaru: give a false name <<<
姓名不詳: seimeihushou: unidentified
姓名判断: seimeihandan: onomancy <<< 判断
住所姓名: juushoseimei: one's name and address <<< 住所
check also: 名前


pronunciation: seimitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: precision, minuteness
精密な: seimitsuna: precise, minute, detailed
精密に: seimitsuni: precisely, thoroughly, minutely, in every detail
精密度: seimitsudo: precision <<<
精密工業: seimitsukougyou: precision industry <<< 工業
精密検査: seimitsukensa: close examination <<< 検査
精密機械: seimitsukikai: precision machine <<< 機械


pronunciation: seinen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: youth, young man, adolescent
青年の: seinennno: young (a.), youthful
青年団: seinendan: young men's association <<<
青年期: seinenki: adolescence, one's youth <<<
青年時代: seinenjidai <<< 時代
青年男女: sennnendanjo: young people (men and women) <<< 男女
文学青年: bungakuseinen: literary-minded youth <<< 文学
check also: 若者


pronunciation: seinen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: full [legal] age, majority
成年の: seinennno: major (a.), mature, of age, full-aged
成年に達する: seinennnitassuru: come of age, reach full [legal] age <<<
成年者: seinensha: major (n.), adult, grown-up person <<<
未成年: miseinen: minority <<<
未成年の: miseinennno: minor (a.), infant, under age
未成年者: miseinensha: minor (n.), person under age <<<
未成年犯罪: miseinenhanzai: juvenile delinquency <<< 犯罪
未成年労働: miseinenroudou: child labor <<< 労働
check also: 成人


pronunciation: seinou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: capacity, power, performance
性能の好い: seinounoii: of good performance, highly efficient <<<
性能検査: seinoukensa: efficiency [performance] test <<< 検査
check also: 能力


pronunciation: seion
kanji characters: ,
translation: calmness, stillness, quietness, tranquility
静穏な: seionnna: calm, still, quiet, tranquil
静穏に成る: seionnninaru: become calm [still, quiet, tranquil] <<<
check also: 静寂 , 平静


pronunciation: seirei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: soul, spirit
check also: 聖霊


pronunciation: seirei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: government ordinance, cabinet order
政令違反: seireiihan: violation of a government ordinance <<< 違反
政令都市: seireitoshi: ordinance-designated city (Japanese city with a population greater than 500,000) <<< 都市
政令指定都市: seireishiteitoshi

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