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pronunciation: seirei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: Holy Ghost [Spirit]
聖霊降臨節: seireikourinsetsu: Pentecost
check also: 精霊


pronunciation: seireki
kanji characters: 西 ,
keyword: history , calendar
translation: Christian Era
check also: 紀元


pronunciation: seiri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: arrangement, adjustment, settlement, liquidation
整理する: seirisuru: arrange, adjust, put in order, pigeonhole, liquidate
整理案: seirian: readjustment plan <<<
整理棚: seiridana: storage rack [shelf] <<<
整理箪笥: seiridansu: commode <<< 箪笥
行政整理: gyouseiseiri: administrative readjustment <<< 行政
交通整理: koutsuuseiri: traffic control <<< 交通
帳簿を整理する: choubooseirisuru: adjust accounts <<< 帳簿
在庫整理: zaikoseiri: stocktaking, inventory <<< 在庫
check also: 整頓


pronunciation: seiri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , biology
translation: physiology, menstruation, menses
生理の: seirino: menstrual
生理日: seiribi: period of monthly illness, monthly period <<<
生理痛: seiritsuu: menstrual trouble <<<
生理中: seirichuu: have one's period <<<
生理学: seirigaku: physiology <<<
生理学者: seirigakusha: physiologist <<< 学者
生理的: seiriteki: physiological, physical <<<
生理的要求: seiritekiyoukyuu: physical desire <<< 要求
生理休暇: seirikyuuka: monthly physical leave <<< 休暇
生理用ナプキン: seiriyounapukin: sanitary napkin [towel] <<<
check also: 月経


pronunciation: seiritsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: formation, conclusion, realization
成立する: seiritsusuru: be formed (organized, concluded, realized, materialize, established)
成立した: seiritsushita: formed, organized, concluded, realized, materialize, established
成立させる: seiritsusaseru: form (v.), organize, conclude, realize, materialize, establish


pronunciation: seiryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: influence, power
勢力の有る: seiryokunoaru: influential, powerful, weighty <<<
勢力の無い: seiryokunonai: powerless, uninfluential <<<
勢力を揮う: seiryokuohuruu: wield power, dominate <<<
勢力を張る: seiryokuoharu: extend one's influence <<<
勢力争い: seiryokuarasoi: struggle for power <<<
勢力家: seiryokuka: influential person <<<
勢力均衡: seiryokukinkou: balance of power <<< 均衡
勢力範囲: seiryokuhanni: one's sphere of influence <<< 範囲
保守勢力: hoshuseiryoku: conservative force <<< 保守
第三勢力: daisanseiryoku: the third force, the third partisan group <<< 第三
反対勢力: hantaiseiryoku: counterinfluence <<< 反対
革新勢力: kakushinseiryoku: progressive force <<< 革新
安定勢力: anteiseiryoku: stabilizing power <<< 安定
check also: 権力 , パワー


pronunciation: seiryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy
translation: blue dragon
青竜刀: seiryuutou: Chinese broadsword <<<


pronunciation: seisai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: sanction (n.), punishment
制裁する: seisaisuru: sanction (v.), punish
制裁を加える: seisaiokuwaeru <<<
鉄拳制裁: tekkenseisai: fist punishment <<< 鉄拳


pronunciation: seisaku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 制作
keyword: industry , art
translation: production, manufacture, make (n.)
製作する: seisakusuru: produce, make (v.)
製作者: seisakusha: producer <<<
製作費: seisakuhi: cost of production <<<
製作所: seisakujo: works, plant, factory <<<
製作品: seisakuhin: a work, a product <<<
synonyms: 製造


pronunciation: seisaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: policy, politics, deal
政策綱領: seisakukouryou: (political) platform
政策協定: seisakukyoutei: agreement on policies <<< 協定
福祉政策: hukushiseisaku: welfare politics <<< 福祉
消極政策: shoukyokuseisaku: negative policy <<< 消極
外交政策: gaikouseisaku: foreign policy <<< 外交
財政政策: zaiseiseisaku: financial [fiscal] policy <<< 財政
通貨政策: tsuukaseisaku: monetary policy <<< 通貨
物価政策: bukaseisaku: prices policy <<< 物価
占領政策: senryouseisaku: occupation policy <<< 占領
拡大政策: kakudaiseisaku: politics [policy] of expansion <<< 拡大
農業政策: nougyouseisaku: agricultural policy <<< 農業
財務政策: zaimuseisaku: financial [fiscal] policy <<< 財務
移民政策: iminseisaku: immigration policy <<< 移民
価格政策: kakakuseisaku: price policy <<< 価格
人口政策: jinkouseisaku: demographic [population] policy <<< 人口
環境政策: kankyouseisaku: environmental policy <<< 環境
インフレ政策: inhureseisaku: inflationary policy <<< インフレ
デフレ政策: dehureseisaku: deflation policy, deflationary policy <<< デフレ
エネルギー政策: enerugiiseisaku: energy policy <<< エネルギー

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