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pronunciation: sekidou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: equator
赤道の: sekidouno: equatorial (a.)
赤道祭: seikidousai: ceremony of crossing the line, Neptune's revel <<<
赤道儀: sekidougi: an equatorial <<<
赤道面: sekidoumen: equatorial plane <<<
赤道流: sekidouryuu: equatorial current <<<
赤道海流: sekidoukairyuu <<< 海流


pronunciation: sekigaisen
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: physics
translation: infrared rays
赤外線写真: sekigaisenshashin: infrared photograph [photography] <<< 写真
赤外線療法: sekigaisenryouhou: infrared therapy <<< 療法
赤外線カメラ: sekigaisenkamera: infrared camera <<< カメラ
赤外線センサー: sekigaisensensaa: infrared sensor <<< センサー
check also: 紫外線


pronunciation: sekihan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese food
translation: rice boiled with red beans


pronunciation: sekihi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: stone monument, tombstone, gravestone
石碑を建てる: sekihiotateru: set up a gravestone, raise a monument <<<


pronunciation: sekika
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: petrification
石化する: sekikasuru: petrify
石化した: sekikashita: petrified
check also: 化石


pronunciation: sekinin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: responsibility, charge, blame
責任有る: sekininnaru: responsible, accountable <<<
責任が有る: sekiningaaru: be responsible [accountable]
責任を取る: sekininnotoru: take the responsibility (for), charge oneself (with) <<<
責任を負う: sekininnoou: take the responsibility, be responsible <<<
責任を負わぬ: sekininnoowanu: disclaim all the responsibility
責任を問う: sekininnotou: call a person to account <<<
責任を逃れる: sekininnonogareru: shirk one's responsibility <<<
責任者: sekininsha: responsible (person), person in charge <<<
責任感: sekininkan: sense of duty, duteousness <<<
責任観念: sekininkannnen: sense of responsibility
責任解除: sekininkaijo: release from responsibility <<< 解除
責任内閣: sekininnnaikaku: responsible Cabinet <<< 内閣
責任能力: sekininnnouryoku: accountability, competency <<< 能力
無責任: musekinin: irresponsibility <<<
無責任な: musekininnna: irresponsible
連帯責任: rentaisekinin: joint responsibility <<< 連帯
刑事責任: keijisekinin: criminal responsibility <<< 刑事
無限責任: mugensekinin: unlimited liability, unrestricted obligation <<< 無限
賠償責任: baishousekinin: liability of compensation <<< 賠償
有限責任: yuugensekinin: limited liability <<< 有限
重大責任: juudaiseikinin: grave responsibility <<< 重大


pronunciation: sekirei
other spells: セキレイ
keyword: bird
translation: wagtail


pronunciation: sekiryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: legend
translation: red dragon


pronunciation: sekishoku , akairo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color , politics
translation: red color
赤色の: akairono: red (a.)
赤色巨星: sekishokukyosei: red giant
赤色分子: sekishokubunshi: red elements <<< 分子
赤色革命: sekishokukakumei: red revolution <<< 革命
赤色テロ: sekishokutero: red terrorism <<< テロ
check also: 深紅 , レッド


pronunciation: sekitan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: energy
translation: coal
石炭を焚く: seikitannotaku: burn coal
石炭を掘る: sekitannohoru: mine [dig out] coal <<<
石炭入れ: sekitannire: coal scuttle <<<
石炭殻: sekitangara: coal cinders <<<
石炭紀: sekitanki: Carboniferous (period) <<<
石炭庫: sekitanko: coal depot, bunker (of ship) <<<
石炭層: sekitansou: coal depot [seam] <<<
石炭抗: sekitankou: coal-mine, colliery <<<
石炭液化: sekitannekika: coal hydrogenation <<< 液化
石炭産業: sekitansangyou: coal industry <<< 産業
石炭ガス: sekitangasu: coal gas <<< ガス
石炭ストーブ: sekitansutoobu: coal-burning stove <<< ストーブ
check also: コークス

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