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pronunciation: senpuuki
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: tool
translation: electric fan
扇風機を掛ける: senpuukiokakeru: turn [switch] on an electric fan <<<
扇風機を止める: senpuukiotomeru: turn [switch] off an electric fan <<<
check also: ファン


pronunciation: senrei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity
translation: baptism, christening
洗礼の: senreino: baptismal
洗礼を施す: senreiohodokosu: baptize, administer baptism (to) <<<
洗礼を受ける: senreioukeru: be baptized, be christened <<<
洗礼を受けていない: senreiouketeinai: unbaptized, unchristened
洗礼式: senreishiki: baptism (ceremony) <<<
洗礼者: senreisha: baptist <<<
洗礼堂: senreidou: baptistery <<<
洗礼所: senreisho <<<
洗礼名: senreimei: one's Christian [given, first] name <<<
洗礼衣: senreii: christening robe <<<
洗礼水: senreisui: baptismal water <<<
洗礼台: senreidai: baptismal font, baptisteries <<<


pronunciation: senren
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty
translation: refinement, elegance
洗練する: senrensuru: refine, polish up
洗練された: senrensareta: refined, polished, elegant
check also: 上品


pronunciation: senretsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: line of battle
戦列を離れる: senretsuohanareru: drop behind [out of] a line of one's comrades <<<


pronunciation: senri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit
translation: one thousand ri (about 670km in China, 4000km in Japan), very long distance
千里の馬: senrinouma: horse able to run very long distance, very capable person <<<
千里眼: senrigan: clairvoyance, second sight, clairvoyant (n.), clairvoyante (f.) <<<
千里眼の: senrigannno: clairvoyant, gifted with second sight


pronunciation: senritsu
kanji characters:
translation: shiver (n.), shudder (n.), thrill (n.)
戦慄する: senritsusuru: shiver (v.), shudder (v.), thrill (v.), tremble
戦慄させる: senritsusaseru: give a shudder, make shudder
戦慄すべき: senritsusubeki: direful, dreadful, nightmarish, atrocious
check also: 恐怖


pronunciation: senritsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: music
translation: melody
旋律的: senritsuteki: melodic, melodious <<<
黄金旋律: ougonsenritsu: golden rule [ratio] <<< 黄金
check also: メロディー


pronunciation: senro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: railway line, track
線路を敷く: senrooshiku: lay a line [railway], lay tracks <<<
線路番: senroban: signalman <<<
線路区: senroku: section of line <<<
線路工夫: senrokouhu: lineman, track-layer, trackman, linesman <<< 工夫
check also: レール


pronunciation: senryaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , politics
translation: strategy
戦略的: senryakuteki: strategic <<<
戦略上の: senryakujouno <<<
戦略家: senryakuka: strategist <<<
戦略爆撃: senryakubakuge: strategic bombing <<< 爆撃
戦略爆撃機: senryakubakugekiki: strategic bomber <<<
戦略ミサイル: senryakumisairu: strategic missile <<< ミサイル
マーケティング戦略: maakettingusenryaku: marketing strategy <<< マーケティング
check also: 戦術


pronunciation: senryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: occupation, possession, capture
占領する: senryousuru: take possession of, capture, occupy
占領下: senryouka: under occupation <<<
占領地: senryouchi: occupied territory [area] <<<
占領地域: senryouchiiki <<< 地域
占領軍: senryougun: occupation force [army] <<<
占領国: senryoukoku: occupying country <<<
被占領国: hisenryoukoku: occupied country <<<
占領政策: senryouseisaku: occupation policy <<< 政策
check also: 占拠

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